2007 Results

30th December 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that burned off some Xmas calories at the Cliveden Cross Country today. 18th Brendon Gilbert 00:44:10, 83rd Paul Palmer 00:49:40, 93rd Mike Hollis 00:50:11, 125th Trevor Free 00:51:52, 137th Penny Cutler 52:34, 148th John Peerless 00:53:12, 157th Howard Taylor 00:53:45, 204th Nick Martin 00:55:33, 211th Des Manion 00:55:48, 242nd Ellen Haynes 00:57:39, 247th Mike Hickman 00:57:59, 310th Angie McLoughlin 01:02:00, 327th Linda Weedon 01:02:21, 405th Chris Lansdown 01:07:17, 411th Grace Wilson 01:07:52, 429th Laura Gwilliam 01:09:09, 442nd Ann Palmer 01:10:13, 442nd Lucy Couturier 01:10:13
22nd December 2007 Many congratulations to Lydia and Fred for completing the Bushy Park 5km 45th Lydia Davis 19:56, 149th Fred Ashford 24 00.
9th December 2007 Many congratulations to our runner s that completed the Bedford Half Marathon especially to Jenny who ran the distance for the first time with a superb time.
9th December 2007 Congratulations to Lydia Davis from completing the Perivale 5 in 32:55 being 2nd lady home in a strong field.
1st December 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that braved terrible conditions at the Luton Chiltern League Cross country today especially to the ladies who had to race during a hale and thunder storm.For the ladies team we had superb efforts from

31st Tora Stacey 27:51, 32nd Ellen Haynes 27:53, 49th Deborah Gatesman 30:45, 52nd Angie Mcholuglin 31:05, 58th Linda Weedon 33:00

And for the gents we had strong showings from

30th Trevor hunter 37:27, 85th John Dooey 41:46, 111th Benji 43:20, 114th Phil Stephens 43:37, 117th Nigel Sanderson 44:02, 124th James Bateman 44:49, 125th Andy Harrison 44:50, 131st Mike Hollis 45:27.

25th November 2007 Congratulations our runners that completed the Sandhurst cross country today. 67th Paul Palmer 40:21, 70th Mike Hollis 40:28, 144th Mike Hickman 46:42, 157th Tora Stacey 47:21, 165th Road Palmer 48:28, 167th Deborah Gatesman 48:36, `85th Fred Ashford 50:06, 195th Martin Dean 51:16, 199th Laura Geilliam 5:38, 202nd Ann Palmer 53:10, 208th Steve Fordham 54:34, 228th Margo Palmer 59:54, 230th Stella Gwilliam 60:14, 239th Debbie Brown 67:38
25th November 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that completed the Eynsham 10k today and a special well done to Frank Fulcher for achieving a new 10k Personal best.21st Frank Fulcher 35:36, 383rd Chris Lansdown 51:57.
18th November 2007 Many congratulations to Fred Ashford for running Limassol 10k in Cyprus last Sunday in a time of 50 mins 35 secs and winning his 70+ age category. He was also faster than all the 65+ and 60+ so a superb effort.
18th November 2007 Many congratulations to Chris Lansdown for completing the undulating Epson 10 today in a time of 1:29:21
18th November 2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Herberts hole event today –

Penny Cutler 51:58, Peter Astles 52:02, Mike Hickman 57:57, Katy Palmer 65:38, Grace Wilson 66:17
11th November 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that took part in the Datchet Cross Country today.

70th 40:17 Paul Palmer, 80th 41:08 Mike Hollis, 133rd 43:48 David Claridge, 145th 44:39 Laura Broderick, 198th 48:35 Rod Palmer, 226th 50:06 Peter Edington, 239th 51:01 Martin Dean, 253rd 53:12 Ann Palmer, 263rd 54:38 Craig Atkins, 264th 54:40 Laura Gwilliam, 271st 56:10 Steve Fordham, 282nd 59:10 Stella Gwilliam, 289th 01:02:00 Margo Palmer, 303rd 01:06:44 Debbie Brown,306th 01:07:58 Richard Garland,

10th November 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that took part in the Chiltern League Cross Country at Oxford today especially to Tora and Asuka who took part in the events for the first time.In our ladies team we had …

21st Lydia Davis 26.12, 36th Ellen Haynes 28.33, 38th Tora Stacey 29.00, 61st Asuka Wakasuki 31.26, 66th Angie Mcholuglin 32.34

And in the mens team we had …

21st Trevor Hunter 36.59, 77th Brendon Gilbert 40.17, 88th John Dooey 41.40, 118th Martin Fisher 43.15, 135th Benji 44.32, 139th Nigel Sanderson 45.00, 161st Mike Hollis 46.47, 181st John Peerless 49.22, 204th Fred Ashford 57.39

4th November 2007
Many congratulations to Craig Atkins and Gora for completing the Cardiac Arrest 8 mile race today in Olney, Bucks. (Organised by Heart Beat events)
Craig finished in 229th place with a time of 01:33:16 and Gora Neogi finished 230th place with a time of 01:34:43.
The course is is an assault course race involving wading through cold ponds (upto chest depth), ditches, and drainage tunnels, jumping over hay bayles, all through undulating coutryside.
4th November 2007 Many congratulations to all 28 of our runners that took part in the Marlow Half Marathon today especially to our runners that completed the course for the first time and John Dooey who won his category prize.
3rd Trevor hunter 1:16:09, 18th John Dooey 1:25:03, 60th Richard Hubbard 1:31:30, 91st Lydia Davis 1:33:34, 113th Mike Hollis 1:35:43, 147th Paul Palmer 1:38:52, 170th John Peerless 1:40:09, 178th Trevor Free 1:40.36, 248th Peter Astles 1:44:21, 289th Des Mannion 1:45:51, 300th Penny Cutler 1:46:11, 330th Margaret Moody 1:47:46, 334th Alan Wheeler 1:47:46, 354th Josephone Smith 1:48,37, 356th Nick Martin 1:48:38, 76th Laura Broderick 1:49:12, 477th Mike Hickman 1:54:09, 553rd Phil Hutchby 1:58:06, 571st Asuka Wakatsuki 1:58:35, 608th Darika Reilly 2:00:17, 633rd Angie Mcholuglin 2:00:58, 634th Sarah Bates 2:00:58, 635th Kathryn Wesley 2:00:59, 709th Linda Weedon 2:05:19, 726th Janet Hudson 2:06:18, 826th Ann Palmer 2:14:13, 888th Steven Fordham 2:21:02, 907th Tina Ashburner 2:26:50.
28th October 2007 Many congratulations to Brendon Gilbert and Mike Hickman who travelled to Venice to complete the marathon. And a big well done to Brendon for not only achieving a Personal best time but also to break the magic 3 hour barrier. 243rd Brendon Gilbert 2:59:14, 3212nd Mike Hickman 4:08:54
28th October 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that took part in the 9 mile Ricky Road Run today John Peerless 60:25, Mike Hollis 60:42, Ellen Haynes 68:24
21st October 2007 Many congratulations to John Dooey who completed the Maidstone half marathon in a superb time of 1:22:28 23rd place overall and 2nd in category.
14th October 2007 Many congratulations to Russell Dean who completed the Swindon Half Marathon in a time of 1:45:05.
14th October 2007 Many congratulations to Ann and Paul Palmer for completing the Great Eastern half marathon in Peterborough

Paul 01.33.52, Ann 02.04.38.
14th October 2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Henley half marathon

38th Brendon Gilbert 1:26:50, 67th Marin Fisher 1:30:45, 161st Lydia Davis 1:36:45, 371st Debbie Jones 1:44:24, 442nd Alan Wheeler 1:46:11, 522nd Trevor Free 1:47:48, 601st Josephine Smith 1:49:60, 1383rd Steven Fordman 2:16:16, 1392nd Pat Bromley 2:16:17, 1420th Tina Ashburner 2:18:11

13th October 2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that took part in our first cross country division1 match in the Chiltern League at Watford.For the ladies team we had excellent efforts from –

21st Lydia Davis 26.49, 43rd Ellen Haynes 29.56, 54th Deborah Gatesman 31.31, 68th Linda Weedon 33.16, 69th Angie McLaughlin 33.29, 78th Sue Neale 36.30

And for the mens team we had superb efforts from – 64th Phil Stephens 32.48, 69th Dave Bosley 33.14, 81st Brendon Gilbert 34.00, 88th John Dooey 34.24m 100th Steve Roberts 34.54, 123rd Benji 36.19, 131st James Bateman 36.43, 139th John Peerless 37.23, 150th Mike Hollis 38.27, 164th Dave Sanderson 39.31,176th James Peerless 40.45, 188th Fred Ashford 43.17, 190th Mike Hickman 44.48

7th October 2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Rower Revenge Triathlon in Marlow. Especially to Jenny who came first in her category.Jenny Shorrock Row 18:53 / Cycle 48:18 / Run 31:42 = 1:38:54

Paul Palmer Row 17.12 / Cycle 52.58 / Run 34.46 = 1.44.56

30th September 2007 Many congratulations to Dave Brown from completing the Great North Run in a time of 2hrs24mins.
30th September 2007 Many congratulations to Russell Dean for completing the Blenheim Palace 10k in a time of 46:30
30th September 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that took part in the Folkestone half marathon on a windy day especially to John Dooey who won the V50 prize and to Linda who completed her first half marathon.

24th (1st Vet 50) John Dooey 1.24.29, 42nd Martin Fisher 1.28.32, 595th Linda Fisher 2.38.17 (1st half marathon), 600th Valerie Vocanson 2.42.26.

28th September 2007 Many congratulation to Fred Ashford who completed the Serpentine 5k in a superb time of 22.49 with 112th position.
16th September 2007 Congratulations to our runners that took part in this years Dunstable 209th John Dooey, 2:37:17(First v50), 11th Brendon Gilbert 2:38:02
16th September 2007 Congratulations to our runners that took part in this years Amersham568th Chrissie Quinn 60:06, 42nd Mike Hollis 34:42, 95 Fred Ashford 40:48, 142nd Martyn Franzese 47:49, 152nd Richard Stone 54:52
16th September 2007 Congratulations to our ladies that took part in this years Hydro Active 5kPat Bromley 29:30, Grace Wilson 31:00, Ann Palmer 38:00, Darika Reilly 34:24, Elaine Brewster 35:33
16th September 2007

Congratulations to Chris Lansdowne who competed in the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10k on a windy day with a time of 49:38 finishing 635 (35th in category) out of 1955 finishers.

9th September 2007
Congratulations to our runners that took part in this years Grizzley, especially to Mike and Peter who cycled the 170 miles to the race before taking part in the challenging event.

– David Leighton 3:09:24, Gary Tarr 3:30:41, Paul Palmer 3:36:46, Peter Astles, 4:45:30, Mike Blowing 4:45:32

And congratulation to Ann Palmer who took part in the cub run.

– Ann Palmer 1:53:15.
9th September 2007 Congratulations to our members that took part in the Chiltern Marathon– Penny Cutler 5:10, John Peerless 5:10, Nick Martin 5:15, Margret Moody 5:20, Liz Davey, Angie Mchouglin, Linda Weedon, Meg Knight 6:30, Vernon Martin 7:07.
2nd September 2007

Many congratulations to our runners that travelled to Holland to take part in the Haarlemmermeer Half marathon, especially to Deborah Gatesman who won the 3rd senior ladies prize.

75th Paul Palmer 1:38:02 , 179th Michael Hickman 1:47:20, 189th Deborah Gatesman 1:48:17 (3rd in category), 22th Ellen Haynes 1:50:19, 368th Ann Palmer 2:01:01, 42th Grace Wilson 2:08:27

26th August 2007 Many congratulations to Mike Hickman who completed the Ridgeway run in a superb time of 20hrs04mins. 9th overall and an excellent 2nd in his category.
26th August 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that travelled to Belgium to take part in the Descente de la Lesse 22km race especially to Julia Downes who won the ladies race!

20th Trevor Hunter 1:24:48, 40th (1st lady) Julia Downes 1:32:10, 126th James Bateman 1:42:47

26th August 2007 Congratulations to our runners that took part in the Pewsey Vale Half Marathonespecially to John Dooey who won the V50 prize in a superb time on a tough course.

15th (1st Vet 50) John Dooey 1:24:21, 248th Peter Edington 1:57:02

19th August 2007

Congratulations to our runners that completed the Burnham Beeches half marathon today.

22nd Frank Fulcher 01:21:35, 46th John Dooey 01:24:46, 55th Brendon Gilbert 01:26:24, 74th Martin Fisher 01:28:24, 377th Alan Wheeler 01:46:40.

12th August 2007 Congratulations to our following runners that completed the Bearbrook 10k today.48th Rob Pettingell 39:59, 209th Liz Davey 49:04, 276th Celia Edwards 53:53, 282nd Linda Weedon 54:09, 326th Craig Atkins 56:48, 391st Pat Bromley 62:50, 406th Brian Sinclair 65:54, 414th Martin Franzese 68:27
5th August 2007 Congratulations to Gora and Craig who completed the Hooky 6 mile race today.

Craig Atkins 00:57:42, Gora Neogi 01:05:43
4th & 5th August 2007 Many Congratulations to Ann and Paul Palmer who both achieved new personal best times in the London Triathlon

Ann did the Sprint distance in –
SWIM- 21.11 / BIKE- 45.1 / RUN- 28.19 = 01.40.16 PB
And Paul did the Olympic Distance in –
SWIM- 37.17 / BIKE- 1 hr 10 / RUN- 43.12 = 02.36.57 PB by 10 mins
24th July 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Datchet Summer 5k5th Frank Fulcher 17:19, 8th Steve Roberts 18:26, 11th Alfred Benjamin 18:47, 13th Brendon Gilbert 18:55, 27th Paul Palmer 19:44, 32nd Mike Hollis 19:52, 35th Andy Harrison 19:57, 48th Dave Sanderson 21:16, 55th Peter Astles 21:29, 58th Jay Foad 21:35, 61st Margaret Moody 21:39, 64th Russell Dean 21:50, 65th Ralph Chesswas 21:53, 69th Callum Haynes 22:02, 71st Peter Edington 22:09, 72nd Simon Murduck 22:11, 73rd Nick Martin 22:13, 82nd Jim Williams 22:38, 83rd Ellen Haynes 22:40, 87th Maryse Haynes 22:49, 96th Mike Hickman 23:23, 97th Fred Ashford 23:24, 118th Karen Pollard 25:07, 122nd Debbie Ridout 25:32, 123th Martyn Fox 25:34, 129th Gora Neogi 25:46, 134th Peter Haynes 25:57, 139th Ann Palmer 26:27, 141st Craig Atkins 26:31, 145th Helen Moseley 26:45, 148th Karen Williams 26:52, 154th Mike Bratby 27:20, 162nd Vanessa Herbert 27:41, 166th Hayley Southwood 27:52, 169th Barbara Crandon 28:29, 172nd Donna Howlett 28:53:00180th Darleen Taylor 29:52, 193rd Paula Potts 31:27, 195th Debbie Harris 31:52, 196th Richard Stone 31:52, 199th Brian Sinclair 32:11, 206th Tony Taylor 33:57, 207th Vernon Martin 34:30, 209th Chrissie Quin 34:47, 210th Elaine Brewster 36:34
15th July 2007

Congratulations to everyone that completed the Wycombe Half Marathon

Grant&Stone Wycombe half marathon full results

Mens Team results Ladies Team results

Grant&Stone Wycombe Fun Run results

And a huge thank you to everyone that worked so hard in the months leading up to race and for helping out on the day.

10th July 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the HandyCross Summer 5k4th Frank Fulcher 17.19, 7th Brendon Gilbert 18.21, 11th Steve Roberts 18.39, 13th Martin Fisher 18.43, 19th Julia Downes 19.19, 33rd Mike Hollis 19.51, 37th Lydia Davies 20.00, 44th John Peerless 20.17, 53rd Jay Foad 20.44, 59th James Peerless 21.08, 73rd Peter Astles 21.51, 76th Russell Dean 22.00, 78th Ralph Chesswas 22.04, 79th Callum Haynes 22.14, 87th Ellen Haynes 22.32, 93rd Jo Smith 23.02, 101st Jim Williams 23.24, 105th Liz Davey 23.31, 115th Mike Blowing 24.04, 120th Deborah Gatesman 24.25, 122nd Fred Ashford 24.28, 137th Sarah Heath 25.05, 142nd Karen Pollard 25.28, 147th Angie McLoughlin 25.36, 149th Martin Brewster 25.40, 153rd Martyn Fox 26.00, 157th Vanessa Herbert 26.12, 158th Linda Weedon 26.12, 159th Asuka Wakatsuki 26.14, 164th Gora Neogi 26.34, 169th Janet Hudson 26.53, 171st Sue Neale 27.00, 180th Helen Moseley 27.29, 182nd Hayley Southwood 27.35, 188th Ruth Lloyd 28.00, 198th Jackie Harding 29.21, 199th Meg Knight 29.33, 205th Darleen Taylor 30.07, 212th Linda Fisher 30.56, 213th Brian Sinclair 31.34, 217th Tony Taylor 32.07, 219th Debbie Harris 32.38, 232nd Diane Champion 34.28, 235th Chrissie Quinn 35.17
8th July 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Princes Risborough Town Festival 10km Road Race today especially to Jenny and Sarah who both achieved personal best times.

25th Rob Petingell 39:44, 43rd Mike Hollis 41:46, 8th Jenny Shorocks 41:57(PB), 10th Lydia Davis 42:22, 19th Margaret Moody 45.37(V55 winner), 27th Ellen Haynes 47:10, 108th Alan Wheeler 47:21, 32nd Sarah Nicholls 48:03(PB), 33rd Jo Smith 48:144, 158th Phil Hutchby 51:59, 186th Craig Atkins 56:29, 219th Justin Durose 71:26

27th June 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Maidenhead Summer 5k

3rd Trevor Hunter 16.47, 5th Frank Fulcher 17.07, 7th Brendon Gilbert 18.119th Steve Roberts 18.21, 11th Martin Fisher 18.37,14th Paul Palmer 18.48, 17th Pete Smith 19.18,26th Mike Hollis 19.40, 33rd Trevor Free 19.55,35th Andy Harrison 20.03, 39th John Peerless 20.21,42nd Gary Buckingham 20.30, 52rd Jay Foad 21.09, 54th Simon Murduck 21.11, 55th Des Mannion 21.15, 56th Margaret Moody 21.16, 61st Russell Dean 21.45, 63rd Ralph Chesswas 21.56, 72nd Callum Haynes 22.11, 79th Peter Edington 22.34, 83rd Sarah Nichols 22.46, 90th Mike Hickman 22.59, 95th Liz Davey 23.13, 96th Deborah Gatesman 23.33, 97th Kirsty Baxter 23.43, 99th Fred Ashford 23.45, 108th Darinka Reilly 24.33, 112th Peter Haynes 25.06, 113th Alan Wheeler 25.07, 114th Karen Pollard 25.08, 120th Chris Lansdown 25.24, 122nd Gora Neogi 25.28, 132nd Martyn Fox 25.57, 134th Donna Howlett 26.07, 135th Linda Weedon 26.08, 146th Janet Hudson 26.18, 149th Debbie Ridout 26.26, 152nd Sue Neale 26.42, 153rd Helen Moseley 26.45, 154th Hayley Southwood 26.46, 155th Chris Gentry 26.47, 161st Vanessa Herbert 27.08, 170th Steve Fordham 28.50, 172nd Helen Mengel 28.54, 187th Debbie Harris 29.47, 193rd Brian Sinclair 30.18, 223rd Diane Champion 34.36

12th June 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Marlow Summer 5k

3rd Trevor Hunter 16.33, 10th Frank Fulcher 17.13, 15th Steve Roberts 18.03, 19th Alfred Benjamin 18.27, 30th Paul Palmer 19.03, 31st James Bateman 19.05, 35th Mike Hollis 19.13, 41st Richard Hubbard 19.28, 43rd James Cunane 19.32, 49th Lydia Davis 20.03, 50th Jenny Shorrocks 20.03, 57th Jay Foad 20.37, 64th Peter Astles 20.45, 68th Kim Travers 20.53, 71st Des Mannion 21.09, 72nd Gary Buckingham 21.12, 77th Sally White 21.19, 81st Callum Haynes 21.24, 82nd Margaret Moody 21.26, 85th Ellen Haynes 21.36, 86th Nigel Cairns 21.37, 91st Jim Williams 21.47, 94th Mike Hickman 21.53, 96th Ralph Chesswas 21.58, 97th Nick Martin 22, 104th Peter Edington 22.3, 107th Alan Wheeler 22.43, 111th Phil Hutchby 22.54, 112th Nad Ramzan 22.56, 117th Liz Davey 23.1, 118th Leigh Hudson 23.14, 119th Maryse Haynes 23.16, 123rd Tora Stracey 23.29, 128th Deborah Gatesman 23.41, 136th Darinka Reilly 24.1, 139th Fred Ashford 24.16, 149th Martyn Fox 24.48, 151st Peter Haynes 25.02, 153rd Natasha Harding 25.2, 157th Ann Palmer 25.32, 158th Karen Pollard 25.34, 164th Vanessa Herbert 25.5, 165th Janet Hudson 25.51, 169th Chris Gentry 26.02, 172nd Terry Eves 26.07, 174th Grace Wilson 26.12, 184th Sue Budd 26.3, 186th Linda Weedon 26.38, 190th Richard Stone 26.46, 194th Helen Mosely 26.59, 203rd Sue Neale 27.53, 204th Craig Atkins 28.03, 206th Gora Neogi 28.08, 209th Jo Gilbert 28.18, 310th Karen Williams 28.25, 211th Jackie Harding 28.26, 218th Stella Gwilliam 29.34, 219th Sue Walker 29.34, 223rd Darleen Taylor 29.43, 227th Brian Sinclair 30.28, 250th Meg Knight 32.42, 251st Elaine Brewster 33.55, 257th Chrissie Quin 35.00, 258th Tony Taylor 35.23, 259th Diane Champion 36.13

30th June 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Datchet Dash 10k today.61st Martin Fisher 38:47(PB), 127th John Peerless 41:32, 206th Margaret Moody 44:14, 215th Seamus 44:45, 343rd Alan Wheeler 48:10, 366th Jo Smith 48:50, 549th Angie Mcloughlin 53:55, 660th Cragi Atkins 57:47, 792nd Gora Neogi 65:49, 814th Vernon Martin 68:28.
24th June 2007 Many congratulations to our runners that completed the Thame 10k, especially to Paul Palmer and Mike Hollis who achieved personal best times.66th Paul Palmer 39:43 (PB), 91st Mike Hollis 40:57 (PB), 114th Lydia Davis 41:53, 274th Alan Wheeler 47:31, 371st Liz Davey 50:01, 450th Ann Palmer 52:30, 590th Craig Atkins 57:54, 707th Melanie Hill 63:10.
17th June 2007 Congratulations to Sally White for finishing 2nd in the race for life event.
17th June 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Penn 7 today
17th June 2007 A huge thank you and well done to everyone that took part and helped out on the Ridgeway RelayOn a really successful day, many superb performances which helped our vets team win their race, the men’s team finishing 5th overall (Knocking over an hour of our previous best time), some excellent performances from the ladies team (In a time that would normally win most years) and well supported by our mixed time…

5th Handy Cross Men 10:30:55 – 26th Phil Stephens 1:27:24, 7th Dave Leighton 0:47:04, 2nd Frank Fulcher 1:01:27, 27th Tora Stacey 0:46:18, 4th Dan Charleston 1:08:41, 1st Trevor Hunter 1:02:54, 9th Julia Downes 1:02:19, 5th Steve Roberts 0:52:56, 12th Kingsley Nanton 1:03:05

15th Handy Cross vets 11:29:37 (Winners of vets category) – 23rd John Peerless, 37th Grace Wilson 1:05:24, 14th Mike Hollis 1:11:52, 19th Margaret Moody 0:44:26, 18th Dave Sanderson 1:23:02, 9th John Dooey 1:12:27, 11th Bryon Heywood 1:02:54, 18th Mike Hickman 1:01:44, 14th Benji 1:18:18, 15th Roger Porter 1:04:38

27th Handy Cross vets 12:37:02 – 24th Lydia Davis 1:25:39, 22nd Ellen Haynes 0:55:51, 39th Debbie Ridout 1:40:44, 31st Liz Davey 0:49:07, 12th Paul Palmer 1:16:51, 29th Penny Cutler 1:25:29, 22nd Pete Smith 1:11:17, 24th Deborah Gatesman 1:10:41, 20th Jenny Shorocks 1:21:44, 32nd Debbie Jones 1:19:39

35th Handy Cross vets 13:24:04 – 39th Nick Martin 1:38:16, 9th James Peerless 0:50:11, 37th Angie McLoughlin 1:39:49, 38th Ann Palmer 1:42:21, 37th Linda Weedon 1:27:24, 25th Fred Ashford 1:10:52, 32nd Tim Jefferson 1:33:29, 2nd Trevor Hunter 0:57:34

10th June 2007 Congratulations to Mike Hollis who completed the Wargrave 10k today in 87th place with a time of 42:35
10th June 2007 Congratulations to Paul Palmer for completing the St Albans half marathon in an excellent 93rd out of 1382 with a time of 1:33:1 in spite of the heat and challenging course.
28th May2007 Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Burnham 5k, 1st Trevor Hunter 16:37:00, 5th Frank Fulcher 17:18:00, 9th Brendon Gilbert 18:16:00, 15th Steve Roberts 18:47:00, 23rd Julia Downes 19:34:00, 24th Mike Hollis 19:40:00, 33rd James Cunnane 19:51:00, 34th Trevor Free 19:55:00, 39th Richard Hubbard 20:10:00, 48th John Peerless 20:37:00, 51st Sally White 20:48:00, 60th Peter Astles 21:24:00, 62nd Jay Foad 21:32:00, 64th Margaret Moody 21:45:00, 66th Russell Dean 21:49:00, 67th Mike Hickman 21:54:00, 71st Ellen Haynes 21:58:00, 76th Callum Haynes 22:06:00, 81st Maryse Haynes 22:25:00, 93rd Nick Martin 22:47:00, 97th Peter Edington 23:06:00, 111th Deborah Gatesman 24:19:00, 120th Fred Ashford 25:08:00, 125th Angela McLoughlin 25:12:00, 132nd Liz Davey 25:39:00, 133rd Debbie Ridout 25:40:00, 138th Asuka Wakatsuki 25:47:00, 143rd Grace Wilson 26:01:00, 145th Ann Palmer 26:08:00, 147th Terry Eves 26:15:00, 148th Linda Weedon 26:20:00, 150th Mike Bratby 26:34:00, 156th Vanessa Herbert 26:46:00, 160th Gora Neogi 26:57:00, 167th Keith Hicks 27:14:00, 174th Jo Gilbert 27:42:00, 181st Jackie Harding 27:55:00, 183rd Steve Fordham 28:01:00, 184th Barbara Crandon 28:07:00, 194th Darleen Taylor 29:07:00, 198th Paula Potts 30:00:00, 202nd Craig Atkins 30:12:00, 213th Brian Sinclair 31:37:00, 219th Justin Durose 32:53:00, 221st Vernon Martin 33:17:00, 230th Tony Taylor 37:02:00, 231st Meg Knight 37:26:00, 232nd Diane Champion 37:57:00
20th May2007 Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Wooburn 10k, especially to Sally White, Margaret Moody and Mike Hollis who won their age categories and an entire team as we won the team prize.6th Steve Roberts 39:31, 10th Mike Hollis(1st V50) 41:55, 11th Paul Palmer, 23rd Sally White (1st V40), 33rd Mike Hickman 45:38, 48th Margaret Moody 47:30 (1st v50), 72nd Sarah Nicholls 50:10, 99th Sarah Heath 52:55, 123rd Chris Lansdown 55:16, 180h Stella Gwilliam 64:27, 185th Alison Alexander 64:58, 195th Craig Atkins 67.29, 201st Rose Priest 72:21
15th May2007 Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Wargrave 5k, 7th Frank Fulcher 17:20:00, 11th Brendon Gilbert 18:17:00, 22nd Alfred Benjamin 19:05:00, 26th James Bateman 19:24:00, 28th James Cunane 19:29:00, 34th Paul Palmer 19:36:00, 48th John Peerless 20:10:00, 49th Richard Hubbard 20:17:00, 50th James Peerless 20:19:00, 59th Trevor Free 20:36:00, 61st Lydia Davis 20:38:00, 52nd Dave Sanderson 20:39:00, 64th Sally White 20:46:00, 77th Peter Astles 21:14:00, 78th Kim Travers 21:17:00, 79th Des Mannion 21:22:00, 84th Jay Foad 21:30:00, 86th Russell Dean 21:35:00, 89th Margaret Moody 21:51:00, 91st Ellen Haynes 21:52:00, 97th Mike Hickman 21:59:00, 103rd Ralph Chesswas 22:14:00, 108th Maryse Haynes 22:22:00, 109th Tora Stracey 22:23:00, 119th Callum Haynes 22:48:00, 132nd Jo Smith 23:17:00, 140th Phil Hutchby 23:32:00, 144th Liz Davey 23:46:00, 147th Peter Edington 23:55:00, 163rd Darinka Reilly 24:40:00, 167th Fred Ashford 24:50:00, 169th Deborah Gatesman 24:53:00, 172nd Nad Ramzan 24:55:00, 176th Chris Lansdown 25:01:00, 182nd Angela Mcloughlin 25:18:00, 189th Martyn Fox 25:28:00, 207th Ian Murdoch 25:32:00, 191st Grace Wilson 25:37:00, 200th Ann Palmer 26:02:00, 205th Linda Weedon 26:24:00, 214th Mike Bratby 26:54:00, 215th Keith Hicks 26:56:00, 218th Peter Haynes 27:05:00, 220th Terry Eves 27:12:00, 222nd Richard Stone 27:16:00, 229th Vanessa Herbert 27:46:00, 232nd Steve Fordham 27:56:00, 244th Jo Gilbert 28:28:00, 251st Jackie Harding 29:11:00, 252nd Barbara Crandon 29:20:00, 260th Sue Neale 29:58:00, 265th Stella Gwilliam 30:11:00, 267th Paula Potts 30:14:00, 269th Darleen Taylor 30:16:00, 275th Sue Walker 30:54:00, 284th Craig Atkins 31:34:00, 285th Brian Sinclair 31:37:00, 286th Debbie Harris 31:41:00, 290th Meg Knight 32:24:00, 304th Vernon Martin 35:03:00, 306th Tony Taylor 36:16:00, 307th Elaine Brewster 36:31:00, 308th Chrissie Quin 37:15:00, 309th Dave Nash 39:13:00
13th May2007 Congratulations to our following runners for completing the Benson 10k today.38th John Peerless 41:36, 102nd Debbie Jones 47:02, 177th Angie McLoughlin 52:37
13th May2007 Many congratulations to Martin Fisher for completing the Halstead & Essex Marathon in 37th place with a time of 3:13:03
13th May2007 Many thanks to everyone that helped make the Marlow5 such a big success. Without your effort the race would not have been possible, also congratulations to our members that took part.74th Paul Palmer 32:12, 105th Mark Hoad 33:24, 458th Dave Claridge 39:31, 461st Gill Brooks 40:15, 523rd Celia Edwards 41:51, 541st Grace Wilson 42:14, 560th Ann Palmer 42:34, 655th Martyn Fox 44:05, 789th Ann-Mary Bunni 46:08, 890th Pat Bromley 48:01, 1071st Martin Harris 50:54, 1140th Deborah Harris 52:43, 1246th Natalie Pitt 55:44, 1308th Chrissie Quinn 61:37.
12th May2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Icknield Way 10k and half marathons today, especially to Ellen Haynes, John Dooey and Trevor Hunter who won their categories and with a great team effort we won the ladies 10k team prize and the men half marathon team prize.In the 10k we had…

5th (2nd lady) Julia Downes 40:32, 15th Ellen Haynes (1st Lady35) 48:25, 38th Liz Davey 52:06, 98th Penny Fisher 54:32, 77th Alan Wheeler 59:41, 104th Vernon Martin 71:08.

And for the half marathon we had…

1st Trevor Hunter 79:53, 9th John Dooey (1st V50) 92:18, 14th Benji 96:26, 17th Mike Hollis 96:59, 27th Trevor Free 103:57, 46th Margaret Moody 113:26

7th May2007 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Pednor5.For the ladies we had 9th Ellen Haynes 37:22, 46th Deborah Harris 51:59, 48th Elaine Brewster 56:16

And for the men we had 19th Brendon Gilbert 30:47, 45th John Peerless 34:04, 70th Mike Hickman 36:29, 81st Des Mannion 37:16, 83rd Peter Astles 37:36, 127th Martin Brewster 44:23

29th April2007 Congratulations to Chris Lansdown for completing the Lacey Green 5k in 25:25
29th April2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Bracknell half marathon, especially to Ellen and Martin who achieved new personal best times.2nd Trevor Hunter 1:14:54, 25th Martin Fisher 1:26:13, 45th Mike Hollis 1:30:38, 175th Ellen Haynes 1:42:21
22nd April2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that completed the London marathon on the hottest day the event has ever taken place upon… Dan Charleston 3:03:57(PB), Sam Amend 3:07:01, Dave Sanderson 3:19:33, Lydia Davis 3:23:06, Mike Hickman 3:26:00, Mark Hoad 3:31:32, Penny Cutler 3:34:33, Kim Travers 3:49:24, Gary Tarr 3:49:40, Andrew Harrison 3:52:09, Terry Eves 3:55:57, Colin Knight 3:56:49, Sarah Nicholls 4:03:58, Debbie Jones 4:16:55, Rod Palmer 4:17:43, Nicola Bryant 4:23:23, Mike Blowing 4:37:10, Lucy Couturier 4:44:24, Jock McLean 4:51:46, Dave Claridge 5:02:59, Chris Lansdown 5:25:18, Donna Howlett 5:50:04, Alison Alexander 6:05:19.

Some photos of the day…

7th April2007 Many congratulations to Steve Roberts for completing the Asthma 10k in 31st place with a time of 37:56.
6th April2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Maidenhead 10 mile race today especially to those who achieved personal best times, on what was a great turnout for our club.7th Trevor Hunter 55:33, 33rd Phil Stephens 59:19, 94th John Dooey 64:27, 98th(6th Lady) Sam Amend 64:38), 124th Mike Hollis 66:29, 151st Andy Harrison 68:03, 17th Paul Palmer 68:53, 200th Trevor Free 70:06, 229th Colin Knight 71:33, 241st John Peerless 72:04, 277th Mike Hickman 73:27, 291st Peter Astles 74:11, 337th Des Mannion 75:59, 380th Russell Dean 77:30, 410th Alan Wheeler 78:04, 413th Debbie Jones 78:12, 467th Liz Davey 79:53, 601st Darika Reilly 84:51, 681st Linda Weedon 88:20, 696th Angie Mcloughlin 89:17, 705th Margaret Moody 89:46, 740th Mike Blowing 91:31, 762nd Ann Palmer 93:03, 823rd Tora Stacey 97:20, 856th Michael Pwen-Evans 100:59, 864th Richard Stone 101:30,
1st April2007 Many congratulations to our following runners that completed the White Horse half marathon, especially to Asuka and Ann who achieved new personal best times..100th Paul Palmer 94:47, 115th Gary Tarr 96:28, 122nd Penny Cutler 97:31, 233rd Jock Maclean 1:48:18, 303rd Asuka Wakatsuki 1:55:34(PB), 364th Ann Palmer 2:02:53(PB)
1st April2007 Many congratulations to Lyida Davis for completing the Oakley 20 in Bedford with a time of 2:26:07
1st April2007 Congratulations to Terry Eves for completing the Bournemouth Half Marathon in a time of 1hr54mins.
25th March2007 Congratulations to Ann and Paul Palmer for completing the Carterton 10k especially to Ann who achieved a new personal best time.

46th Paul Palmer 42.22, 172nd Ann Palmer 55.51 (PB).
25th March2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Reading half marathon, especially to Sam, Donna, Dan, Frank and Trevor who achieved new personal best times.26th Trevor Hunter 1:12:10(PB), 56th Frank Fulcher 1:15:30(PB), 73rd Phil Stephens 1:17:10, 100th Dan Charleston 1:19:02(PB), 250th (26th lady) Sam Amend 1:24:42(PB), 277th John Dooey 1:25:14, 460th Dave Sanderson 1:28:48, 3449th Chris Lansdown 1:49:20, 5040th Jess Todd 1:53:11, 6548th Donna Howlett 2:02:21(PB)
11th March2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Fleet half marathon today especially to Asuka who completes the distance for the first time.76th Dan Charleston 1:22:21, 1306th Asuka Wakatsuki 1:59:00
11th March2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Milton Keynes half marathon today.267th Andrew Harrison 1:34:11, 350th Lydia Davis (13th in category) 1:36:19, 943rd Liz Davey 1:52:30, 828th (18th in category) Terry Eves.
11th March2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Banbury 15 mile race today, especially to Penny who was 3rd in her category and to Nicola who raced for the first time in 2 years…4th Trevor Hunter 1:26:09, 8th Frank Fulcher 1:29:53, 93rd Penny Cutler 1:53:13, 161st Alan Wheeler 2:02:44, 231st Nicola Bryant 2:10:30.
4th March2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Berkhamsted half marathon, especially to Mike Hickman who had a superb run a beat his recent Wokingham time, in spite of wet and windy conditions on a challenging course.2nd Trevor Hunter 1:13:57, 185th Mike Hickman 1:37:18, 243rd Trevor Free 1:39:48, 362nd Des Mannion 1:45:37, 734th Lucy Couturier 2:05:08.
25th February2007 Many congratulations to all our runners that completed the Going10k especially to Caroline Ward for finishing 3rd lady.60th (3rd Lady) Caroline Ward 42:07, 110th Paul Palmer 44:32, 450th Asuka Wakatsuki, 496th Darika Reilly 54:23, 639th Ann Palmer 58:00, 770th Clare Sepede 61:54.
25th February2007 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Bramley 20 mile race today especially to Penny Cutler and Chris Lansdown who completed the distance for the first time.67th Dan Charleston 02:12:17, 167th Dave Sanderson 02:23:06, 276th Penny Cutler 02:33:11, 291st Michael Hickman 02:34:59, 388th Debbie Jones 02:43:39, 412th Jock 02:46:18, 532nd Chris Lansdown 02:57:10, 688th Alan Wheeler 03:27:17, 713th Alison Alexander 03:47:58
25th February2007 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Bramley 10 mile race today…111th Margaret Moody 01:14:59, 191st Michael Hollis 01:21:29, 323rd Tora Stacey 01:30:16, 462nd Rosemary Priest 01:52:40
18th February2007 Many congratulations to Paul Palmer for winning the Alex Johnson trophy with Rose Priest a very close second… Overall we had 25 finishers and I’m sure Alex would have been proud of you all. The route was one of Alex’s favourite runs
17th February2007 A huge thank you to…Angie McLoughlin, Ann Palmer, Caroline Ward, Debbie Ridout, Deborah Gatesman, Ellen Haynes, Linda Weedon, Lydia Davis, Margaret Moody, Penny Cutler, Sam Amend, Wendy Bates, Benji, Brendon Gilbert, Dan Charlseton, Dave Bosley, Dave Sanderson, Frank Fulcher, James Bateman, John Dooey, John Peerless, Martin Fisher, Mike Hickman, Mike Hollis, Nigel Sanderson, Paul Palmer, Phil Stephens, Richard Hubbard , Steve Roberts and Trevor Hunter who all contributed to our most successful ever Chilten league cross country season not only being promoted to division1, but also winning the overall division2 title.

On their contributions to this years Chiltern league success…

Overall champions, overall ladies champions, overall men’s champions, senior/junior/veteran men champions, senior/veteran ladies champions, 3rd placed veteran ladies and 3rd placed veteran men

(Full details can be found at http://www.chilternccl.co.uk/cl20062t.htm)

And for the individuals we had.

2nd senior lady (3rd overall) Caroline Ward , 4th senior lady Sam Amend(6th overall), 3rd v35 lady Lydia Davis (7th overall), 2nd v55 lady Linda Weedon.

Overall and senior mens champion – Trevor Hunter, 3rd senior man (4th overall) Frank Fulcher, 15th senior man – James Bateman.

3rd placed vet40 Phil Stephens (On his birthday)

3rd placed vet50 John Dooey, 4th placed vet50 Benji, 5th placed v50 Dave Sanderson, 7th placed v50 Mike Hollis, 9th placed v50 John Peerless

(Full details can be found at http://www.chilternccl.co.uk/cl20062i.htm)

This was helped by some excellent performances on the final race at Wing from…

5th Caroline Ward 27:00, 7th Sam Amend 27:35, 8th Lydia Davis 27:41, 18th Margaret Moody 29:52, 28th Ellen Haynes 31:07, 33rd Debbie Ridout 33:29, 39th Linda Weedon 33:29

2nd Trevor Hunter 32:39, 9th Frank Fulcher, 10th Phil Stephens 34:12, 14th Dave Bosley 34:35, 15th Brendon Gilbert 34:35, 17th Dan Charleston 34:46, 35th James Bateman 37:13, 38th John Dooey 37:48, Dave Sanderson 39:06, 53rd Martin Fisher 39:57, 59th Mike Hollis 41:03, 75th Miek Hickman 45:19

11th February2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Wokingham half marathon today.Provisional results show the following times, although watches showed 3-5 secs. faster…

10th Trevor Hunter 1:12:32 (PB), 85th Dan Charleston 1:22:59, 120th Phil Stephens 1:25:24, 123rd Sam Amend 1:25:33(PB), 148th Dave Sanderson 1:26:54, 213th Martin Fisher 1:29:53, 265th Lydia Davis 1:31:34, 320th Shamus 1:33:26, 343rd Penny Cutler 1:34:07(PB), 475th Mike Hickman 1:38:06, 515th Des Manion 1:39:12, 595th Deborah Gatesman 1:41:38(PB), 670th Alan Wheeler 1:43:50, 947th Mike Blowing 1:50:55, 978th Debbie Ridout 1:51:26, 110th Liz Davey 1:52:14, 1319th Linda Weedon 2:02:55, 1393rd Donna Howlett 2:06:56

4th February2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Bracknell Forest Runners Cross country event today.2nd Trevor Hunter 29:25, 10th Dave Bosley 31:21, 67th Mike Hollis 36:56, 114th Ellen Haynes 40:03, 115th Mike Hickman 40:13, 121st Deborah Gatesman 40:33, 154th Steve Barrow 43:12, 173rd Martin Dean 45:59, 203rd Ann Palmer 51:21
4th February2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Watford Half Marathon.779th Alan Wheeler 1:45:10, 1121st Sarah Nicholls 1:52:15, 1438th Darika Reilly 1:58:51, 1785th Margo Palmer 2:12:29, 1826th Stella Gwilliam 2:15:59, 1927th Pat Bromley 2:32:02, Rose Priest 2:32:02.
3rd February2007 Congratulations to Mike Hickman for representing our club in the South of England vets cross country champs today held at Ruislip. He finished an excellent 119th overall and was 28th in his age category with a time of 47:05.
28th January 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Finch coasters cross country today…For the ladies we had 14th Margaret Moody and 54th Ann Palmer.

And for the men we had 1st Trevor Hunter, 11th Dave Bosley, 67th Mike Hollis, 96th Paul Palmer, 99th Mike Hickman, 125th Steve Barrow

21st January 2007 Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Highworth half marathon especially to Deborah Gatesman who completed the distance for her first time in an excellent time and to Penny Cutler and James Bateman who both achieved personal best times on a windy hilly course.Unfortunately our amazing run of winning every race since 1999 came to and end, but was a great day and looking forwards to next years race.

1st Trevor Hunter 73:16, 10th Phil Stephens 80:18, 25th John Dooey 85:10, 28th James Bateman 86:30(PB), 33rd Benji 87:34, 40th Steve Roberts 88:47, 41st Dave Sanderson 88:48, 56th Caroline Ward 91:49, 69th Trevor Free 94:20, 76th Penny Cutler 96:12(PB), 93rd Des Mannion 100:11, 95th Mike Hickman 100:42, 104th Deborah Gatesman 103:37(First half), 136th Debbie Ridout 117:30.

13th January 2007 Handy Cross extended their lead to 152 points in the Chiltern League division2 thanks to a superb effort by our largest turnout ever winning the match and scoring an amazing 911 points! 4th Caroline Ward 24.13, 7th Sam Amend 24.40, 8th Lydia Davis 24.58, 19th Margaret Moody 26.57, 24th Deborah Gatesman 27.33, 25th Ellen Haynes 27.38, 37th Debbie Ridout 30.31, 41st Linda Weedon 31.07, 45th Angie McLoughlin 33.14

1st Trevor Hunter 30.38, 4th Frank Fulcher 31.27, 12th Phil Stephens 32.12, 20th Dan Charleston 33.09, 23rd Brendon Gilbert 33.37, 26th Dave Bosley 34.06, 38th James Bateman 34.50, 39th Steve Roberts 35.01, 46th Benji 35.31, 47th Dave Sanderson 35.40, 58th John Dooey 36.38, 80th Mike Hollis 39.50, 85th John Peerless 40.19, 95th Paul Palmer 41.25, 99th Mike Hickman 42.37

7th January 2007 Congratulations to our runners that took part in the Thames valley cross country fixture at Tadley. Results to follow…109th Paul Palmer 43:47, 133rd Mike Hickman 45:51, 142nd Deborah Gatesman 46:37, 178th Debbie Ridout 50:25, 194th Asuka Wakatsuki 52:32, 209th Donna Howlett 55:03, 216th Ann Palmer 58:21
6th January 2007 Congratulations to our team that took part in the Bucks county cross country champs this weekend at Ampthill Park, especially to Sam and Frank who qualify for the county team for the first time! In the 6KM ladies race we had…

5th Sam Amend 26:58, 15th (2nd in category) Margaret Moody 30:27, 17th Ellen Haynes 31:50

And in the 12km men’s race we had…

4th Trevor Hunter 45:20, 6th Frank Fulcher 46:28, 18th Brendon Gilbert 49:29, 20th (4th in category) Phil Stephens 49:42, 31st (3rd in category) John Dooey 53:46, 36th Benji 54:44, 45th Dave Sanderson 57:04.