2005 Results

28th December 2005 Many congratulations to our following runners that completed the challenging cliveden cross country today! 9th Dave Bosley 40:40, 121st Paul Palmer 49:47, 146th Penny Cutler 51:38, 223rd Mike Hickman 55:35, 254th James Dean 57:34, 284th Debbie Ridout 59:10, 285th Liz Davey 59:10, 313th Martin Dean 62:29, 378th Martin Brewster 64.56, 379th Victoria Stacey 64:57, 396th Meg Knight 66:15.
16th December 2005 Many congratulations to Liz Davey who deservedly was voted runner of the year 2005!
11th December 2005 Well done to all the runners that took part in our Handy Cross – Cross country today, and a big thank your to everyone that gave up their time on Saturday and Sunday to make the race possible. (14th December – revised results) Click here for individual results and here for team results. (Acrobat PDF format)
4th December 2005 Many congratulations to Dan Charleston for completing his first marathon at Luton today finishing 66th in a time of 3:19:51.
3rd December 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Chiltern League cross country and Luton… For the ladies we had Margaret Moody who finished 19th in a time of 30:45, and for the men we had… 3rd Trevor Hunter 34:34, 8th Phil Stephens 35:35, 10th Frank Fulcher 35:38, 34th John Dooey 39:19, 51st Benji 41:03
27th November 2005 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Sandhurst cross country today.
27th November 2005 Congratulations to our following runners that completed the Maylarch Eynsham 10k including Frank who achieved a new personal best time! 36th Frank Fulcher 0:36:02 (PB), 227th Chirs Lansdown 0:45:45.
20th November 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed this years Herberts Hole challenge – 65th Paul Palmer 48:11, 124th Mike Hickman 53:29, 127th Peter Astles 53:54, 145th Jock 55:17, 179th Mike Blowing 59:48, 186th Sam Morrison 60:22, 193rd Martin Brewster 61:40, 66th lady, 69:54, 71st lady 74:00
13th November 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that travelled to Herve in Belgium to race… especially to Julia Downes who won the ladies race in 2:20:10, narrowly missing out on the course record! Pete Smith finished 6th in the 6K race and in the 33k race came…7th Trevor Hunter 2:09:20, 43rd Frank Fulcher 2:19:21, 52nd (1st lady) 2:20:10.
13th November 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the first cross country at Datchet today.
6th November 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Marlow Half Marathon. 43rd Aidan Odonell 1:31:14, 80th Mike Hollis 1:34:19, 88th Benji 1:34:19, 181st Howard Taylor 1:40:37, 211th Margaret Moody 1:42:14, 290th Colin Knight 1:44:57, 325th Mike Hickman 1:46:39, 406th Peter Astles 1:50:07, 438th Karen Jenkins 1:51:45, 457th Russell Fenn 1:52:34, 531rd Des Mannion 1:56:00, 566th Mike Blowing 1:57:20, 649th Celia Edwards 2:02:10, 818th Davina Crampton 2:16:54, 831st Myrl Richardson 2:18:39, 835th Ann Palmer 2.19.41, 880th Deborah Brown 2:28:05, 902th Alison Alexander 2:33:03, 909th Rose Priest 2:36:08
6th November 2005 Many congratulations to our following runners that completed the New York Marathon. James Bateman 3:39:53, Ron Newman 3:55:04, Lucy Couturier 4:10:10, Helen Murdoch 4:54:02, Elaine Brewster 5:29:47
5th November 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Chiltern League fixture at RAF Halton. For the men we had 7th Dave Bosley 36.50, 11th Frank Fulcher 37.09, 13th Phil Stephens 38.07, 39th Benji 41.21, 40th John Dooey 41.32, 44th John Peerless 42.04, 76th Dave Lancaster 45.54
And for the Ladies 11th Margaret Moody 29.49, 36th Linda Weedon 34.38, 39th Angie Mcloughlin 34.47, 51st Jackie Harding 39.22
31st October 2005 Many congratulations to Mike Hickman for completing the Dublin marathon in 3:54:03
16th October 2005 Many congratulations to Mike Hickman for representing our club at the very tough Jog Shop Jog today!
16th October 2005 Congratulations to our following runners that completed the Blenheim 10k today… 36th Peter Smith 0:39:44, 89th Michael Hollis 0:43:17, 43rd Mark Hoad 0:45:29, 146th Paul Palmer 0:45:34, 156th Howard Taylor 0:45:50, 218th Karen Jenkins 0:47:42, 323rd Gill Brooks 0:51:21, 357th Micky Middleton 0:52:23, 456th Linda Weedon 0:56:04, 558th Ann Palmer 1:02:06
15th October 2005 Congratulations to our following runners that helped our club to 6th place in the Chiltern League at the Watford cross country today… Our ladies team was represented by…10th Lydia Davis, 14th Margaret Moody, 33th Angie Mcloughlin, 37th Linda Weedon…

And our mens team was represented by…

1st Trevor Hunter, 9th Phil Stephens (1st vet), 11th Frank Fulcher, 34th Benji, 42nd John Peerless, 87th Peter Astles, 91st Jock MacLean, 95th Martin JacksSon.

9th October 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Henley Half marathon today, especially to Margaret Moody who won the ladies V50 prize and to Dan who achieved a new personal best time!5th Trevor Hunter 01:15:43, 14th Dan Charleston 01:20:51(PB), 57th Benji 01:28:01, 74th John Peerless 01:28:52, 142nd Mike Hollis Hollis 01:32:33, 170th Lydia Davis 01:34:21, 232nd Ron Newman 01:37:45, 262nd Margaret Moody 01:38:47, 277th Debbie Jones 01:39:31, 378th Jock 01:43:13, 546th Mike Blowing 01:49:23, 1121st Deborah Browne 02:25:52
9th October 2005 Congratulations to Lucy Couturier and Nick Martin who braved the Kingston 16 miler today in their preparation for their NYC marathon in 4 weeks time!
9th October 2005 Congratulations to our following runners who completed the tring ridgeway run today! 142nd Penny Cutler 1:17:59, 169th Mike Hickman 1:19:11, 307th Liz Davey 1:29:47, 325th Meg Knight 1:30:48, 349th Linda Weedon 1:32:06
2nd October 2005 Well done to Ann and Paul Palmer who completed the Marlow triathlon today both with superb times!! 345th Ann Palmer 2:16:00.85, 189th Paul PALMER 1:47:49.03
2nd October 2005 Many congratulations to Caroline Ward for achieving a new superb personal best time of 1:27:49 in the Selby half marathon!
25th September 2005 A big well done to Dan Charleston for completing the Leighton Buzzard 10 mile course in 61 mins!
25th September 2005 Many congratulations to Caroline Ward won the ladies race in the Lacey Green 5K today in a superb time of 19:29.
25th September 2005 Well done to out following runners who took part in the Windsor Half Marathon, especially to James who achieved a new personal best time. 17th Trevor Hunter 1:19:45, 236th James Bateman 1:34:26.
18th September 2005 A big well done to Ellen and Gill for completing the Amersham5 both with superb times… 19th Ellen Haynes 40:03, 27th Gill Pilley 43:22.
18th September 2005 Many congratulations to Terry Eves for completing the New Forest Marathon in 3:48:39. being 2nd place in his age group and qualifying good for age time for London!
11th September 2005 Many congratulations to Dan Charleston for achieving a new personal best 5K time of 17:24 and finishing 2nd in the Seahorse Fun Run 5K today!
11th September 2005 Congratulations to all our brave runners that completed the Chiltern Marathon today! More details to follow…
4th September 2005 Well done to Chris Lansdown who completed the inaugural Headington 10k in a time of 47:31 on a very hot day!
3rd September 2005 Many congratulations to Caroline Ward for winning the ladies race in the Chalfont St Giles 10K today… 10th Trevor Hunter 40:29, 24th Caroline Ward 43:37, 30th James Bateman 44:31, 98th Terry Eves 53:46, 152nd Gill Piley 60:06.
29th August 2005 Well done to Helen Murdoch and Gill Brooks for completing the Thames turbo tri today, with the first challenge being negotiating a closed M25 on the way to Hampton court! The 440m swim, 22k bike and 5k run, took Helen 1:25:38 and Gill’s 1:22:38 overall.
27th August 2005 Congratulations to Pete Smith who continued his road back from injury by travelling to Belgium and running the 21K Decente de la Lesse race in 1:37:58
27-28th August 2005 A huge well done to Rod Palmer who completed the Ridgeway Challenge and finished first in the over 50s category and 4th overall! Also a big thank you from Rod for all his helpers on the epic journey – John Bradbury, Margo, Dave Leighton, Debbie Jones, Debbie Ridout, Mike Hickman, Nick Martin, Lucy, Pete & Steph & Trudy Jones. Without the help & support he said he could not have finished.Photos courtesy on Nick Martin- > “Happy Rod”, “Relieved Rod”,” The Whole Team”, “Whos Foot is this? A clue is it is not Rod’s”
24th August 2005 Many congratulations to everyone that took part in the Gerry Grosse trophy tonight, especially to Ann Palmer who won the event! Results now online!
14th August 2005 Well done to all our runners that took part in the Bearbrook 10k today, especially to Caroline who knocked more than a minute of her previous personal best time, and to Margaret Moody who won her age category! 67th Peter Smith 40:54, 82nd Caroline Ward 41:36, 94th Howard Taylor 42:41. 167th Margaret Moody 46:08, 193rd Mike Hickman 47:20, 311th Mike Owen-Evans 54:21, 323rd Helen Murdoch 54:52, 375th Darika Reilly 58:41.
6th/7th August 2005 Congratulations to Paul Palmer, Ann Palmer and Gill Brookes for completing the London Triathlon today… Paul took part in the Olympic distance event with times of75th in category Swim 1500 Metres 37:58, Bike 40Kms 1:17:33, Run 10KMs 45:06 – Total 2:46:55

And Ann and Gill took part in the Sprint event with times of

Ann Palmer 198th in category Swim 750 metres 26:17, Bike 20KMs 58:13, Run 5KMs 25:23 – Total 2:08:21

Gill Brookes 118th in category Swim 750 metres 17:31, Bike 20KMs 44:46, Run 5KMs 23:07 – Total 1:30:26

24th July 2005 Congratulations to our following runners that took part in the Milton Keynes Half Marathon today. 58th Dan Charleston 1:24:36m 219th Howard Taylor 1:36:19, 532nd Terry Eves M64 1:49:25
19th July 2005 Congratulations to everyone that completed the Datchet 5K today, especially to Helen Murdoch who knocked an amazing 50 secs of her pervious best time! 3rd Trevor Hunter 16:53, 7th Frank Fulcher 17:38, 13th Dan Charleston 18:18, 21st James Peerless 19:13, 22nd John Peerless 19:14, 26th Julia Downes 19:27, 28th Richard Hubbard 19:31, 38th Mike Hollis 19:51, 40th Howard Taylor 19:55, 46th James Bateman 20:12, 48th Paul Palmer 20:16, 56th Peter Edington 20:36, 60th Alan Songhurst 20:42, 67th Colin Knight 21:00, 71st Margaret Moody 21:11, 72nd Peter Astles 21:13, 75th Chris Edington 21:24, 82nd Karen Jenkins 21:41, 96th Chris Lansdown 22:07, 105th Russell Dean 22:30, 111th Nick Martin 22:51, 113th Penny Fisher 22:56, 115th Ellen Haynes 22:59, 116th Micky Middleton 23:00, 121st Sarah Bates 23:17, 124th Callum Haynes 23:25, 125th Terry Eves 23:28, 126th Mike Blowing 23:28, 130th Des Mannion 23:37, 131st Richard Higgs 23:38, 134th Mike Hickman 23:44, 143rd Sharon Davidson 24:04, 144th Phil Hutchby 24:15, 149th Angie McLoughlin 24:27,156th Helen Murdoch 24:47(PB), 158th Lucy Couturier 24:56, 166th Craig Armstrong 25:08, 170th Martin Brewster 25:17, 177th Linda Weedon 25:39, 178th Chris Joyce 25:40, 206th Paula Moody 27:16, 210th Jo Gilbert 27:33, 213th Jo Hart 27:41, 222nd Maryse Haynes 28:29, 233rd Chloe Gwilliam 29:11, 234th Stella Gwillian 29:14, 235th Elaine Brewster 29:16, 239th Paula Potts 29:36, 243rd Ann Palmer 29:56, 252nd Michelle Harris 30:45, 255th Viv White 31:51, 256th Vernon Martin 31:55, 258th Jo Hutchby 32:32, 259th Sue Cordery 32:35, 262nd Colin Higgs 32:44, 263rd Jessica Neale 32:55, 265th Dave Nash 33:18, 266th Kathryn Gummer 34:43, 267th Nicole Edington 34:46, 272nd Natalie Pitt 35:28, 273rd Michelle Putman 35:35, 278th Rachel Murdoch 38:19, 279th Victoria Edington 40:18
20th July 2005 Congratulations to our following runners who completed the Waddesdon 5k, with Peter and Mike doing races 2 days in a row!Peter Edington 21.16, Mike Hickman 23.46, Chris Gentry 25.32
19th July 2005 Congratulations to everyone that completed the Handy Cross 5K today, and a big thank you to everyone that helped out organise the event and supplying the excellent spread of food! 3rd Frank Fulcher 17.34, 7th Dan Charleston 18.10, 9th David Chapman 18.26, 18th Danny Fox 19.15, 21st James Peerless 19.26, 24th John Peerless 19.45, 25th Richard Hubbard 19.47, 32nd Howard Taylor 20.00, 35th Howard Goldsmith 20.03, 36th Sally White 20.04, 38th Mike Hollis 20.11, 41st James Bateman 20.20, 42nd Paul Palmer 20.20, 45th Rob Sears 20.47, 48th Alan Songhurst 21.00, 54th Ralph Chesswas 21.27, 59th Chris Edington 21.56, 61st Chris Lansdown 21.59, 68th Gill Brooks 22.37, 69th Julia Downes 22.37, 72nd Karen Jenkins 22.51, 80th Russell Dean 23.20, 81st Jeff Slater 23.23, 86th Nick Martin 23.29, 87th Mike Blowing 23.36, 88th Sharon Davidson 23.40, 90th Callum Haynes 23.50, 106th Chloe Crabtree 24.53, 112th Lucy Couturier 25.22, 113th Helen Murdoch 25.25, 118th Martin Harris 25.47, 124th Martin Brewster 26.14,126th Craig Armstrong 26.23, 127th Linda Weedon 26.27, 128th Colin Higgs 26.27, 140th Harry Williams 27.21, 141st Karen Williams 27.24, 145th Natasha Harding 27.30, 147th Paula Moody 27.41, 150th Peter Haynes 27.56, 151st Clare Sepede 28.08, 154th Brad Vearncombe 28.21, 155th Martin Fox 28.21, 157th Pru Crabtree 28.54, 158th Jo Gilbert 28.57, 159th Jackie Harding 28.57, 167th Debbie Harris 29.36, 170th Diane Lye 29.48, 180th Viv White 30.34, 182nd Chris Parker 30.42, 184th Nicole Edington 30.44, 185th Tom Huisman 30.44, 187th Ann Palmer 30.57, 188th Elaine Brewster 31.17, 193rd Mike Bratby 31.58, 204th Luis Dias 33.05, 205th Jo Hutchby 33.32, 206th Cathy Adkins 34.20, 212th Grant Curley 37.00, 214th Sara Waters 39.22,
16th/17th July 2005 Many congratulations to Margaret Moody and Dave Bosley for achieving excellent results in the British Masters Championships in Birmingham (in extremely hot conditions). Dave Bosley 1500 metres 6th place 4.22.84Margaret Moody 5000 metres 4th place 20.57.43 and 10,000 metres 4th place 44.06.99
10th July 2005 Congratulations to everyone that completed the Wycombe half marathon on yet another really hot day… And a huge thank you to all our members who helped out, without who’s help the event would have been impossible.
3rd July 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Princes Risborough 10k today, especially to Margaret who achieved a new course record for her category and our ladies team for finishing in 3rd place! Paul Palmer 43:43, Margaret Moody 43:49 (First FV55), Penny Cutler 44:56, Peter Astles 46:24, Liz Davey 49:20, Russell Fenn 51:17, Linda Weedon 53:18, Ann Palmer 64:28, Dave Nash 71:46.
2nd July 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Datchet Dash 10k today. 157th Aidan O’Donell 42:55, 173rd Howard Taylor 43:19, 247th Colin Knight 45:47, 867th Vernon Martin 67:19.
28th June 2005 Congratulations to everyone that completed the Maidenhead 5K today – 4th Trevor Hunter 16:43, 7th Dave Bosley 17:14, 8th Frank Fulcher 17:31, 11th Phil Stephens 18:01, 15th Dan Charleston 18:08, 23rd Alfred Benjamin 18:50, 29th John Pearless 19:16, 30th Danny Fox 19:17, 35th James Peerless 19:37, 36th Richard Hubbard 19:41, 40th Howard Goldsmith 19:50, 49th Sally White 20:01, 54th Howard Taylor 20:11, 57th James Cunane 20:16, 60th Mike Hollis 20:19, 68th Paul Palmer 20:39, 70th Peter Edington 20:43, 78th Dave Duckworth 21:01, 79th Alan Songhurst 21:01, 85th Margaret Moody 21:15, 91st Peter Astles 21:35, 92nd Karen Jenkins 21:38, 95th Chris Lansdown 21:50, 103rd Penny Cutler 22:15, 115th Russell Dean 22:43, 121st Sarah Bates 22:54, 124th Mike Blowing 23:00, 131st Ellen Haynes 23:17, 132nd Richard Higgs 23:22, 138th Gill Brooks 23:28, 143rd Liz Davey 23:33, 144th Ben Cutler 23:34, 145th Mike Hickman 23:35, 148th Penny Fisher 23:42, 150th Karen Williams 23:46, 154th Callum Haynes 23:52, 163rd Sharon Davidson 24:21, 170th Russell Fenn 24:36, 173rd Martin Brewster 24:47, 174th Gill Pilley 24:50, 178th Des Mannion 25:03, 181st Angie McLoughlin 25:07, 192nd Colin Higgs 25:38, 195th Helen Murdoch 25:43, 198th Terry Eves 25:47, 199th Chris Joyce 25:50, 204th Lucy Couturier 26:10, 216th Linda Weedon 26:42, 217th Natasha Harding 26:45, 220th Craig Armstrong 26:48, 226th Martin Fox 27:02, 232rd Richard Stene 27:15, 234th Jackie Harding 27:17, 241st Clare Sepede 27:33, 245th Paula Moody 27:50, 252nd Debbie Harris 28:31, 256th Dianne Lye 28:52, 262nd Paula Potts 29:26, 280th Elaine Brewster 30:11, 281st Ann Palmer 31:40, 283rd Vernon Martin 31:51, 290th Jo Hutchby 33:08, 296th Lisa Clemson 34:29, 297th Dave Nash 35:22
June 19th 2005 Many congratulations to all our runners and supporters of our 4 teams that took part in the Ridgeway Relay today…Thanks to a supreme effort by Nick Martin in organising our 4 teams, and excellent support throughout we won back the ladies team prize just piping Headington Ladies by 2mins and 5 secs!Handy Cross A 11th 12:44:45 (Ladies team champions!)

3rd 1:11:58 Phil Stephens , 12th 0:54:14 Penny Cutler, 14th 1:18:26 Lydia Davis , 13th 0:49:04 Debbie Jones, 13th 1:29:53 Samantha Amend, 3rd 1:12:57 Trevor Hunter, 28th 1:32:31 Margaret Moody, 31st 1:32:23 Debbie Ridout, 15th 1:28:09 Julia Downes, 18th, 1:15:10 Sally White

Handy Cross B 15th 12:50:53

9th 1:15:13 Dan Charleston, 6th 0:51:15 James Peerless, 7th 1:10:26 Dave Leighton, 16th 0:50:29 Liz Davey, 19th 1:35:47 Graeme Whitty, 11th 1:26:20 John Dooey, 39th 1:55:36 Ellen, 4th 0:59:12 Benji, 31st 1:39:21 Mike Hickman, 6th 1:07:14 Dave Redhouse

Handy Cross C 34th 15:44:01

17th 1:21:44 John Peerless, 14th 0:55:45 Lisa Allen, 17th 1:21:19 Mike Hollis, 33rd 1:02:22 Margo, 37th 2:19:31 Rosaria 35th 1:56:52 Angie, 33rd 1:35:49 Alison Gowers, 20th 1:13:54 Penny Fisher, 39th 2:22:04 Debbie Jones, 32nd 1:34:41 Lucy Couturier,

Handy Cross D 29th 14:37:00

37th 1:34:58 Peter Edington, 35th 1:18:23 Ann Palmer , 29th 1:32:49 Paul Palmer, 21st 0:55:05 Martin Dean, 25th 1:53:08 Karen Jenkins, 32nd 1:47:41 Jock Maclean, 11th 1:13:10 Trevor Free, 13th 1:08:15 Dave Duckworth, 34th 1:49:52 James Bateman, 27th 1:23:39 Nick Martin

June 19th 2005 Well done to Sally White and Ellen Haynes for taking part in the race for life, with Sally winning the event!
June 19th 2005 Many congratulations to Helen Murdoch for achieving a new Olympic distance P.B on 3:02:45 at the Windsor triathlon, knocking an amazing 13 minutes off her previous best time!
June 15th 2005 Congratulations to Dave Bosley for winning the vets category at the Bracknell Forest 5 and also to Elaine and Martin Brewster who had excellent runs, representing our club. 5th 0:28:57 David Bosley, 259th 0:45:26 Martin Brewster, 313th 0:50:28 Elaine Brewster.
June 14th 2005 Well done to everyone that took part in the Marlow5K event today at Hurley… With Debbie Ridout taking 3 P.Bs in the first 3 5K events! 1 Trevor Hunter 0:16:15(PB) ,7 Dave Bosley 0:17:25 ,9 Phil Stephens 0:17:34 ,20 Dan Charleston 0:18:01 ,28 Alfred Benjamin 0:18:46 ,36 John Pearless 0:18:55 ,42 Richard Hubbard 0:19:11 ,44 James Peerless 0:19:13 ,45 Danny Fox 0:19:16 ,54 Sally White 0:19:29 ,55 Aidan O’Donnell 0:19:30 ,57 James Cunane 0:19:34 ,60 Howard Goldsmith 0:19:39 ,68 Mike Hollis 0:20:01 ,85 Alan Songhurst 0:20:27 ,86 Nick Martin 0:20:27 ,87 Peter Astles 0:20:28 ,96 Chris Edington 0:20:40 ,98 Paul Palmer 0:20:43 ,103 Margaret Moody 0:20:55 ,108 Jock McClean 0:21:15 ,121 Debbie Ridout 0:21:51(PB) ,123 Chris Lansdown 0:21:53 ,130 Penny Cutler 0:22:00 ,139 Gill Brooks 0:22:16 ,141 Ellen Haynes 0:22:18 ,146 Karen Jenkins 0:22:31 ,156 Sarah Bates 0:22:44 ,159 Sharon Davidson 0:22:47 ,160 Dean Russell 0:22:50 ,161 Martin Dean 0:22:51 ,163 Liz Davey 0:22:57 ,164 Karen Williams 0:23:01 ,165 Ben Cutler 0:23:02 ,166 Penny Fisher 0:23:09 ,172 Mike Hickman 0:23:21 ,174 Micky Middleton 0:23:24 ,175 Phil Hutchby 0:23:25 ,180 Callum Haynes 0:23:37 ,183 Mike Blowing 0:23:51 ,185 Lisa Reading 0:23:54 ,188 Angie McLoughlin 0:23:57 ,189 Russell Fenn 0:24:03 ,193 Colin Higgs 0:24:15 ,202 Darinka Reilly 0:24:34 ,203 Celia Edwards 0:24:34 ,204 Keith Hicks 0:24:39 ,205 Alison Gowers 0:24:42 ,209 Lucy Couturier 0:24:49 ,211 Stuart Grosse 0:24:52 ,214 Ron Corbett 0:25:01 ,217 Linda Weedon 0:25:05 ,219 Alison Styles 0:25:13 ,221 Chris Joyce 0:25:19 ,223 Helen Murdoch 0:25:22 ,224 Martin Brewster 0:25:23 ,227 Craig Armstrong 0:25:25 ,237 Martin Fox 0:25:58 ,238 Kev Rabett 0:26:00 ,252 Jo Hart 0:26:53 ,257 Clare Sepede 0:27:02 ,258 Gerry Grosse 0:27:03 ,262 Mike Reeves 0:27:12 ,265 Natasha Harding 0:27:23 ,268 Jackie Harding 0:27:26 ,270 Jo Gilbert 0:27:28 ,281 Viv White 0:28:17 ,290 Debbie Harris 0:28:47 ,291 Aimran Hanif 0:28:49 ,300 Victoria Emery 0:29:12 ,301 Angela Barugh 0:29:24 ,303 Richard Stene 0:29:30 ,308 Stella Gwillian 0:29:50 ,315 Barbara Web 0:30:08 ,316 Sue Cordery 0:30:10 ,318 Steve Woodley 0:30:13 ,320 Brian Sinclair 0:30:25 ,324 Elaine Brewster 0:30:46 ,329 Jenny Hart 0:31:01 ,332 Sue Walker 0:31:44 ,333 Ann Palmer 0:31:45 ,334 Jo Hutchby 0:31:48 ,339 Nicole Edington 0:32:49 ,340 Rose Priest 0:32:49 ,341 Kathryn Gummer 0:32:55 ,349 Limarah Samuel 0:42:28 ,350 Chrissie Quin 0:42:28
June 12th 2005 Many congratulations to Sally White for winning the Wooburn Green 10k today, to Margaret Moody for winning her age category, and our ladies team of Sally White, Margaret Moody, Penny Cutler, and Micky Middleton for winning the club team prize!4th Trevor Hunter 00:35:15, 17th Benji Male 00:40:40, 27th (1st Lady) Sally White 00:42:14, 44th Michael Hollis 00:44:01, 49th David Duckworth 00:44:36, 53th Margaret Moody(1st lady vet) 00:45:26, 56th Penny Cutler 00:46:00, 73th Nick Martin 00:47:16, 75th Chris Lansdown 00:47:20, 87th Michael Hickman 00:48:16, 116th Micky Middleton 00:51:13, 146th Lucille Couturier 00:53:54
June 11th 2005 A big thanks you to Debbie Ridout for organising a great club dinner and dance held at Flackwell Health golf club, with a special guest appearance, all the the way from Sweden. ABBA!
May 31st 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Burnham 5k race today… 8th Frank Fulcher 17:51, 18th Dan Charleston 18:50, 21st Alfred Benjamin 18:53, 34th Dave Leighton 19:21, 36th Danny Fox 19:29, 43rd John Pearless 19:40, 53rd Sally White 20:01, 60th Richard Hubbard 20:24, 61st James Cunane 20:29, 64th James Peerless 20:40, 72nd Mike Hollis 20:58, 75th Mark Hoad 21:04, 82nd Peter Edington 21:18, 90th Nick Martin 21:33, 94th Debbie Jones 21:39, 99th Margaret Moody 21:48, 106th Alan Songhurst 22:08, 107th Chris Lansdown 22:09, 108th Karen Jenkins 22:10, 118th Debbie Ridout 22:32, 123rd Sarah Bates 22:42, 139th Ellen Haynes 23:16, 140th Dean Russell 23:19, 142nd Liz Davey 23:21, 143rd Gill Brooks 23:23, 151st Penny Fisher 23:44, 152nd Chloe Crabtree 23.51, 168th Mike Hickman 24.31, 169th Angie McLoughlin 24.38, 171st Trevor Hart 24.39, 178th Phil Hutchby 24.56, 187th Lucy Couturier 25.25, 188th Colin Higgs 25.25, 190th Terry Eves 25.26, 191st Russell Fenn 25.29, 196th Linda Weedon 25.43, 197th Helen Murdoch 25.45, 200th Micky Middleton 25.55, 205th Keith Hicks 26.08, 213th Celia Edwards 26.27, 214th Darinka Reilly 26.27, 222nd Barbara Crandon 26.48, 251st Jo Gilbert 28.04, 254th Jackie Harding 28.18, 259th Clare Sepede 28.26, 264 thJo Hart 28.58, 272nd Pru Crabtree 29.19, 287th Paula Potts 30.02, 291st Viv White 30.28, 292nd Debbie Harris 30.28, 295th Steve Woodley 30.57, 307th Jenny Hart 31.42, 314th Vernon Martin 32.11, 315th Elaine Brewster 32.12, 316th Sue Cordery 32.23, 317th Sue Walker 32.25, 318th Dave Nash 33.11, 322nd Jo Hutchby 34.31, 326th Rose Priest 36.08 Please note that the race is intended to be a closed race for the the 6 participating clubs, which has previously been extended to allow for a few close friends and family as guests… The recent over popularity of this event could put the series in jeopardy…
May 28th-30th 2005 Many congratulations to Rod Palmer who won his age category and finished in a superb 7th place overall in the 145 mile grand union canal race
May 17th 2005 Congratulations to the 77 runners that represented Handy Cross Runners at the Wargrave 5K today… The best ever turnout for the club by a long way! 2 Trevor Hunter 16:36 ,24 Alfred Benjamin 18:47 ,25 Dan Charleston 18:48 ,45 John Pearless 19:22 ,47 Julia Downes 19:29 ,59 Howard Goldsmith 19:50 ,66 Sally White 20:08 ,76 Mike Hollis 20:32 ,82 Peter Edington 20:39 ,87 James Cunane 20:47 ,98 Peter Astles 21:10 ,102 Margaret Moody 21:14 ,107 Colin Knight 21:21 ,108 Karen Jenkins 21:22 ,110 Nick Martin 21:24 ,111 Chris Edington 21:25 ,116 Dave Duckworth 21:32 ,118 Chris Lansdown 21:40 ,137 Alan Songhurst 22:11 ,141 Richard Hubbard 22:16 ,142 Debbie Ridout 22:17 ,143 Jock McClean 22:18 ,156 Ellen Haynes 22:49 ,159 Eddie Ramon 22:50 ,164 Penny Fisher 22:57 ,169 Martin Dean 23:09 ,178 Sarah Bates 23:30 ,185 Liz Davey 23:45 ,192 Angie McLoughlin 24:02 ,193 Dean Russell 24:03 ,194 Richard Higgs 24:04 ,200 Callum Haynes 24:19 ,201 Mike Blowing 24:21 ,202 Karen Williams 24:25 ,204 Gill Brooks 24:28 ,206 Michael Cobb 24:30 ,208 Gill Pilley 24:32 ,215 Ron Corbett 24:39 ,219 Craig Armstrong 24:46 ,233 Trevor Hart 25:09 ,234 Sharon Davidson 25:12 ,239 Keith Hicks 25:22 ,242 Jayne Lord 25:29 ,244 Russell Fenn 25:33 ,248 Colin Higgs 25:37 ,253 Linda Weedon 25:42 ,256 Lucy Couturier 25:47 ,260 Celia Edwards 26:00 ,262 Darinka Reilly 26:01 ,265 Kev Rabett 26:04 ,267 Helen Murdoch 26:05 ,273 Barbara Crandon 26:36 ,282 Laura Gwilliam 26:48 ,283 Jackie Harding 26:50 ,284 Jo Gilbert 26:50 ,295 Jo Hart 27:19 ,306 Clare Sepede 27:47 ,312 Chloe Crabtree 27:56 ,321 Mike Reeves 28:40 ,324 Paula Moody 28:50 ,327 Pru Crabtree 29:03 ,332 Natasha Harding 29:25 ,333 Michele Harris 29:34 ,334 Debbie Harris 29:36 ,354 Stella Gwillian 30:37 ,361 Paula Potts 31:00 ,363 Viv White 31:02 ,365 Jenny Hart 31:03 ,368 Yasmine Jaffer 31:06 ,369 Frank Fulcher 31:07 ,373 Sue Cordery 31:29 ,378 Brian Sinclair 32:13 ,380 Ann Palmer 32:26 ,381 Vernon Martin 32:26 ,387 Dave Nash 33:20 ,389 Rose Priest 33:43 ,393 Helen Beeson 35:12 ,396 Stephan Naunka 37:05
May 15th 2005 Well done to Chris Lansdown for completing the Oxford Town & Gown 10k in 45:50.
May 15th 2005 Well done to all our runners that completed the Prestwood 10k today including… Benji, Mike Hollis, Jock, Peter Astles, Pat and Rose. Full results to follow…
May 14th 2005 Congratulations to Helen Murdoch who did the Eton sprint Tri combining a 400m swim 20k bike 5k run, which she did in in 1hr 21 and came 4th in her age group…
May 14th 2005 Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Icknield Way half marathon today, especially to Margaret Moody who won the ladies v50 category and Trevor Hunter who won the actual race…1st Trevor Hunter 1:17:33, 10th John Dooey 1:30, Benji 1:34, Margaret Moody (1st lady Vet50) 1:44.
May 14th 2005 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Icknield Way 10K race today especially to Julia Downes who won the ladies race in a superb 39 mins on a very tough course… 1st lady Julia Downes 39mins, 8th Dave Lancaster 39:25, Liz Davey 51mins, Linda Weedon 54mins, Vernon Martin 65mins.
May 10th 2005 Many congratulations to Margaret Moody for winning the Battersea Park 5 miles race in a time of 34mins 31secs.
May 3rd 2005 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Silverstone 10k today… 477th Nick Martin 46:05, 563rd Penny Fisher 47:47, 702nd Angela McLoughlin 50:18, 756th Lucille Couturier 51:26, 957th Joanne Gilbert F40 57:32, 958th Jackie Harding 57:33.
May 2nd 2005 Many congratulations to our runners that completed the Pednor 5 today including… 42nd Danny Fox 32:04, 84th Peter Edington 36:07, 87th Peter Astles 36:16,166th Vivian White 52:20.
April 24th 2005 Well done to all our runners that completed the Bracknell half marathon today including. 2nd Trevor Hunter 1:15:19, 63rd (3rd senior lady) Samantha Amend 1:30:34, 193rd Penny Cutler 1:41:02
April 17th 2005 Many congratulations to our runners that completed the London Marathon today, especially to Samantha Amend, Dave Leighton and Micky Middleton who achieved superb times in their first ever mararthons! Samantha Amend 3:16.01, 2846th Lydia Davis 3:19:29 (First marathon), 4458th Dave Leighton 3:30:48(First marathon), 5093rd Rod Palmer 3:35:01, 5776th Ron Newman 3:39:18, 6650th Debbie Jones 3:44:07, 8965th Sally White (Who bravely finished inspite of severe injury problems) 3:58:16, 10954th Peter Astles 4:06:29, 11265 Peter Edington 4:07:46, 11757th Paul Palmer 4:09:43, 18620 Alison Packman 4:35:13, 19348th Pat Bromley 4:37:59, 20053rd Micky Middleton 4:40:45 (First marathon) , 27839th Linda Weedon 5:20:06, 30713th David Brown 5:46:45.
April 10th 2005 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Benson 10k. 60th Mike Hollis 42:39, 82nd Margaret Moody 44:07, 85th Debbie Jones 44:18, 243rd Michael Owen-Evans 54:42
April 3rd 2005 Congratulations to our runners that completed the White Horse half marathon… And speedy recovery to Des who will be recovering from an operation on his foot… Trevor Free 1:34, Mike Hollis 1:36, Des Mannion 1:44.
March 25th 2005 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Maidenhead Easter 10 today, especially to Frank Fulcher, and Chris Lansdown for knocking huge chunks off their previous best times, and to Margaret Moody for winning the 2nd placed prize in her category… 5th Trevor Hunter 0:56:13, 23rd Frank Fulcher 0:58:36 (PB), 107th Rob Pettingell 1:05:20, 131st John Peerless 1:06:50, 169th Samantha Amend 1:08:32, 185th Dan Charleston 1:09:26, 188th Michael Hollis 1:09:30, 210st Trevor Free 1:10:14, 289th Margaret Moody 1:12:58, 305th Peter Astles 1:13:24, 356th Debbie Jones 1:14:54, 370th Mike Hickman 1:15:14, 372nd Des Mannion 1:15:22, 415th Nick Martin 1:17:14, 423rd Chris Lansdown 1:17:26 (PB), 511th Debbie Ridout 1:20:59, 560th Mike Blowing M41 1:23:09, 638th Lucy Couturier 1:26:17, 663rd Angie McLoughlin 1:27:36, 751st Jackie Harding 1:30:53, 799th Helen Murdoch 1:34:19.
March 13th 2005 Congratulations to our runners that completed the Chalfont 10k today especially to Trevor Eves who was the first senior vet. Also excellent runs by Kevin Duffy, Keith Hicks ands Martin Francezie.
March 13th 2005 Congratulations to all our brave runners who took part in this years Grizzly…130th Dave Leighton 2:48:20, 394th Tim Jefferson 3:08:36, 401st Trevor Free 3:09:37, 645th Debbie Jones 3:28:08, 646th Nick Martin 3:28:08, 654th Mike Hickman 3:28:42, 775th Peter Astles 3:37:45, 1058th Mike Blowing 4:01:10, 1186th Mike Stone 4:12:25, 1283rd Lucy Couturier 4:21:20.Also well done to Ann Palmer who completed the cub run in 2:11:27.
March 13th 2005 Well done to out following runners who completed the challenging Hastings Half Marathon today…44th Trevor Hunter 1:17:26, 284th John Peerless 1:31:01, 2073rd Angie McLoughlin 2:02:34.
March 6th 2005 Many congratulations to all our runners that completed the Reading half marathon today especially to Frank Fulcher and Chris Lansdown who achieved new personal best times and to Sam Amend for achieving an amazing time in her first half marathon! 81st Frank Fulcher 1:18:20 (PB), 262nd Dan Charleston 1:26:16, 430th Lydia Davis 1:29:20, 529th Samantha Amend 1:30:18, 1227th Ron Newman 1:38:00, 1360th Ray Ramon 1:39:18, 2611th Chris Lansdown 1:44:56, 6067th Myrl Richardson 2:03:20, 6853rd Davina Crampton 2:09:26,
March 6th 2005 Congratulations to John Peerless for completing the Berkamsted Half marathon in a time of 1.33.
March 5th 2005 Many congratulations to Dave Bosley who represented Buckinghamshire in the inter county cross country champs in Nottinghamshire today.
February 27th 2005 Many congratulations to our following runners who completed the Goring 10k.Mike Hollis 42.42 and Angie Mcloughlin 51.23.
February 21st 2005 Well done to all our following runners that completed the Bramley 20 today on a very cold day, especially to Margaret and Lucy who both achieved new personal best times! 250th Margaret Moody 2:33:36, 331st Rod Palmer 2:41:18, 335th Trevor Free 2:41:47, 539th Karen Jenkins 3:00:53, 563rd Lucy Couturier 3:05:01, 610th Micky Middleton 3:13:35, 648th Myrl Richardson 3:29:1, 667th Linda Weedon 3:40:09, 687th Davina Crampton 3:49:31.And congratulations to Liz Davey and Helen Murdoch 1:30:27, for completing the 10 mile event.
February 21st 2005 Congratulations to Chris Lansdown for achieving a new PB time of 44:41 at the Wooburn 10K today.
February 21st 2005 Many congratulations to Michelle Margot who gets her first win as a senior at the Hardwick 10k with a time of 44:35
February 13th 2005 A big well done to all our runners who completed the Wokingham half marathon especially to Margaret Moody for winning the v50 ladies prize and Lydia Davis, Karen Miller and Lucy Couturier for achieving new personal best times, inspite of strong winds!166th LydiaDavis 01:28:16(PB), 299th Ron Newman 01:33:16, 334th Trevor Free 01:34:48, 404th Margaret Moody 01:36:50(1st Lady v50), 427th Peter Edington 01:37:37, 476th Penny Cutler 01:39:00, 525th Debbie Jones 01:40:37, 618th Alan Wheeler 1:43:01, 774th Terry Eves 01:47:03, 802nd Karen Miller 01:47:43(PB), 866th Liz Davey 01:49:13, 1113th Lucy Couturier 01:57:01(PB), 1209th Helen Murdoch 02:01:04, 1220th Linda Weedon 02:01:34, 1300th Patricia Bromley 02:05:41, 1306th Jacqueline Harding 02:06:10, 1374th Stella Gwilliam 02:10:40, 1465th Rose Priest 02:21:02, 1474th Debbie Brown 2:23:41, 1478th Alison Alexander 02:24:19, 1490th Sue Walker 02:29:08, 1496th Susan Codery 02:30:44, 1502nd Sylvia Pearson 2:32:32.
February 12th 2005 Many congratulations to our handy cross team in the final Chiltern League cross country of the year at Wing!The ladies did superbly well to run through a hale storm, especially to Michelle who finished in 2nd place! And the men’s team had to fight their way through thick mud and strong winds…In the actual race for the mens team where 1st Dave Bosley 37.11, 2nd Trevor Hunter 37.55, 34th Dave Lancaster 44.08, 49th Aidan O’Donnell 46:21, 59th John Peerless 48.53, 81st Martin Dean 53.30.

And for the ladies team where 2nd Michelle Margot 28.26, 15th Margaret Moody 31.24, 18th Debbie Jones 32.03, 31st Angie McLoughlin 37.49.


Thanks to a good turnout we managed to overtake Burnham Joggers and finish in 5th place in the league… Also superb individual final league positions for…

10th Margaret Moody (3rd lady V45), Angie McLoughlin (10th lady V45).

1st Trevor Hunter, 2nd Dave Bosley (And 1st placed vet), 4th Phil Stephens (And 3rd placed vet), Dave Lancaster (7th Senior)

February 6th 2005 Many congratulations to Alison McQuater who completed the Regents Park 10K inspite of having a heavy cold!
January 29th 2005 Many congratulations to Julia Downes who finished in 8th place in the South of England Cross Country championships at Parliament Hill. Her highest ever position!
January 23rd 2005 Well done to our following runners who completed the Bracknell cross country, and a speedy recovery to our top coach Mike Hickman, who picked up an injury during the race… 89th Paul Palmer, 131st Martin Dean, 144th Mike Hickman, 154th Martin Brewster.
January 22nd 2005 A big well done to Dave Bosley who took part in the the very competitive Reebok Challenge 4K Cross country Dave, finishing in 15th place. Being 2nd placed in the vets category!
January 16th 2005 Many congratulations to all our runners that went to Highworth to retain our title, that we have now won 6 years in a row!!! Thanks to a superb effort against a very strong Bourton Roadrunners team. 4th Trevor Hunter 1:17:09, 11th Dan Charleston 1:23:30(PB), 15th Pete Smith 1:25:25, 20th John Dooey 1:26:42, 31st Danny Fox 1:29:36 (PB), 39th Sally White 1:31:55, 61st Peter Astles 1:38:17, 67th Trevor Free 1:39:21, 69th James Bateman 1:39:49, 71st Margaret Moody 1:40:42, 73rd Mike Hickman 1:40:53, 78th Des Mannion 1:43:13, 94th Seamus 1:52:04, 96th Mike Blowing 1:53:46, 101st Karen Jenkins 1:56:18, 102nd Micky Middleton 1:56:52.
January 15th 2005 Many congratulations to Dave Bosley for finishing a superb 3rd place in the Bucks cross country champs at Luton! and winning the vets category!
January 15th 2005 Many congratulations to Margaret Moody for finishing 3rd in the V45 category of the Bucks cross country champs at Luton! and finishing 14th in the actual race!
January 9th 2005 Well done to all our runners that took part in the Tadley Cross country at the weekend, including John Peerless who had just raced the day before!
January 8th 2005 Many congratulations to Julia Downes who won the Sussex – Cross Country Championship at the weekend, beating her main rival and taking the title for her first time!
January 8th 2005

Good turnout for the Chiltern League match at Watford – Got a full ladies team, but where two short in the men’s team in the end… but we still managed to finish in 6th place! Senior/Veteran Ladies 14th Margaret Moody 29.05, 18th Alison McQuater 29.22, 21st Ellen Haynes 30.57, 28th Angie McLoughlin 33.02, 36th Linda Weedon 38.52Senior/Junior/Veteran Men 1st Trevor Hunter 30.32, 2nd Dave Bosley 30.38, 26th Dave Lancaster 35.03, 41st Benji 36.12, 65th John Peerless 38.29, 78th Seamus 39.19

This now means that Trevor in guaranteed the 2nd division league title for his first time, and Dave is guaranteed the vets prize and 2nd place overall…

January 1st 2005 Happy new year to all our members, and hope to see you soon up at the club…