2004 Results

Year 2004

December 27th Many congratulations to all our       runners that took part in the Cliveden Cross Country today…       4th Dave Bosley 38:33, 64th Dave       Leighton 46:25, 156th Paul Plamer 51:21, 168th Nick Martin 52:35, 176th       Mike Hickman 52:35, 200th Debbie Jones 53:39, 256th Debbie Ridout 56:17,       270th Martin Dean 57:01, 293rd Karen Heynes 58:33, 297th Liz Davey 58:42,       360th Lucy Couturier 61:35, 387th Martin Brewster 64:11, 503rd Ann Palmer       74:48,  516th Grace Wilson 78:41, 523rd Elaine Brewster 83:55.
December 12th Well done to all the runners       that completed the Handy Cross  – Cross Country today and a big thank       you to all the club members who helped organise and marshall the race.       Click here for Final results in MS EXCEL       format.We were also well       represented by the club with the following runners.16th Trevor Hunter 37:51, 82nd       Michelle Margot 43:56, 119th Leigh James 48:21, 157th Mike Blowing 54:55,       164th Martin Brewster 56:39.
December 11th Well done to Margaret Moody who       finished 2nd lady in the Wimbledon Common cross country today.
December 5th Well done to all our runners       that completed the Luton Marathon today who where Mike Hickman 3:38:13       (Knocking 5 mins off his Dublin time) Alison Packman 4:19:49,  Nick       Martin 4:19:50.We also had       three teams entered for the 3 leg relay, all of whom did superbly well…       (Means the marathon was split into 3 legs, not that the runners have       3 legs!)Handy Cross Men – 31st place –       3:01:34 (Mike Hollis 1:0154, James Bateman 1:09:15, Trevor Hunter       52:19)

Handy Cross Ladies – 6th ladies       team – 3:01:52 (Sally White 57:55, Julia Downes 56:47, Michelle       Margot 1:07:10)

Handy Cross Ladies / Vets team –       20th ladies team – 3:34:57 (Debbie Ridout 1:08.28, Lucy Couturier       1:16.20, Alison Gowers 1:10.09)

December 5th Well done to all our runners       that represented our club in the Chiltern League Cross Country at Luton       today – Thanks to a superb team effort we       finished 5th team in our division, which means we retained our 5th place       in the overall league position…(Ladies team 15th Margaret Moody       27.45, 22nd Ellen Haynes 30.47, 30th Angie McLoughlin       33.57, 36th Linda Weedon 35.04

(Mens team - 1st  Trevor Hunter 35.35, 2nd  Dave Bosley 36.23, 8th  Phil Stephens 37.57, 26th  Dave Lancaster 40.36, 
34th  Benji 41.23, 73rd  Seamus 46.30, 81st  John Peerless 47.07
November 28th Well done to all       runners the completed the Sandhurst Cross Country today – 90th  John       Peerless 42.09, 96th Margaret Moody 42.55 , 103rd   Dave       Redhouse 43.30, 106th  Dave Duckworth 43.53, 150th        Martin Dean 47.36, 156th  Liz Davey 48.12, 170th         Alison Gowers 50.51, 171st   Linda Weedon 51.27
November 21st Well done to our runners who       represented our club at the Metros cross country.      16th Phil Stephens, 86th John Peerless, 98th Peter Edington, 120th Martin       Dean, 127th Liz Davey, 137th Angie McLoughlin, 143rd Linda Weedon.
November 21st Congratulations to all our runners that completed the       Herberts hole race today including53rd Dave Leighton 48:11, 92nd       Paul Palmer 51:49, 115th Peter Astles 53:54, 119th Jock       Maclean 54:01, 149th Mike Hickman 56:02, 221st Lucy       Couturier 1:02:31, 227th Mike Blowing 1:03:07, 263rd Martin       Brewster 1:07:25, 296th Ann Palmer 1:15:08, 305th Grace       Wilson 1:21:36, 308th Elaine Brewster 1:30:47.
November 20th Congratulations to all our runners that took part in       the Bucks, Berks & Oxon cross country champs today with.Margaret Moody       finishing 17th lady and Peter Smith represented the men…
November 14th Congratulations to Angie        McLoughlin for       running the        Seafront Half Marathon in a time of       1hr58mins and John Peerless for running the same race in a time of       1hr38mins.
November 14th Congratulations to our following runners that took part       in the Datchet cross country.2nd Dave Bosley       33:06, 6th Phil Stephens 33:45, 139th Michelle Margot 43:30,       144th Peter Edington 44:09, 155th Martin Dean 45:03, 167th       Debbie Ridout  46:12, 197th Micky Middleton 48:38,       199th Liz Davey 48:45, 214th Helen Murdoch 50:22, 226th       Martin Brewster 52:12, 258th Debbie Harris 60:28, 271st       Elaine Brewster 69:39.
November 14th Well done to our following runners who travelled to       Belgium to take part in the very tough ‘Les 4 Cimes du Pays de Herve’ 33K       race.8th Trevor Hunter 2h07m01s, 43rd       Peter Smith 2h18m41s, 657th James Bateman (Official photographer)       3h14m50sJulia Downes also took advantage of the weekend by       taking part in the relay race the day before.
November 7th Many congratulations to Ron       Newman who completed the New York marathon in 3hrs 49mins 36 secs.
November 7th Many congratulations to all our       runners that braved the rain in this years Marlow Half Marathon.       5th Trevor Hunter       01:17:15, 169th Trevor Free 01:38:12, 248th Margaret Moody       01:42:08,       293rd Mike Hickman       01:44:11,       309th Penny Cutler       01:44:51       407th Peter Astles       01:48:43,  548th       James Bateman 01:54:46,         567th       Ellen Haynes 1:55:16, 575th Liz Davey 01:55:33,        660th Micky Middleton        01:59.00,       707th Lucy Couturier 02:01:14,         711th       Davina       Crampton       02:01:27,        756th       Angela       McLoughlin       02:04:34,  785th       Alison Packman 02:06:40,         875th       Helen Hammond 02:13:18      
October 30th Many congratulations to all our       runners that took part in the 2nd Chiltern League       match at Oxford… Especially to Julia Downes who not only won the second       division race, but also won the complete mob match, including some very       stong runners!Also well done to the men in the       second division recording 4 in the top 10 places….Thanks to a strong full team the men’s team actually won       the event, and thanks to superb support from the ladies, we finished 3rd       overall, inspite of not having any juniors.

      Senior/Junior/Veteran Men       1st Trevor Hunter 36.09, 2nd Dave Bosley 37.05, 5th Phil       Stephens 39.11, 6th Pete Smith 39.13, 11th Frank Fulcher       39.58, 18th Dave Lancaster 40.54, 52nd Benji 44.02, 70th       Seamus 46.53, 93rd Martin Dean 54.23

Senior/Veteran Ladies       1st Julia Donwes 24.05, 16th Margaret Moody 29.03, 36th       Helen Murdoch 35.00, 37th Angie McLoughlin 35.30, 41st Linda       Weedon 36.52, 44th Clodah Ball 39.28

October 25th Many congratulations to Mike       Hickman and John Bradbury for completing the Dublin Marathon, both with       superb times.Michael       Hickman 03:43:49, John Bradbury 03:54:53
October 24th Well done to our following       runners who completed the Stroud Half Marathon.       409th Trevor Free 01:36:08,       794th Des Mannion 01:46:19
October 17th Many congratulations to our       following regulars who completed the Abingdon Marathon in these superb       times…       Alan Wheeler 3:27:23, Rod       Palmer 3:32:16, Debbie Jones 3:43:28.
October 17th Well done to Nick Martin and Lucy Couturier for       completing the Cabbage Patch 10 mile race today.Nick Martin 1 hr       20mins 3secs, Lucy Couturier 1 hrs 26mins 35secs and still       bouncing for more !
October 17th Many congratulations to all our       runners that took part in the Blenheim 10K today –       2nd Trevor Hunter 00:34:42,       8th, David Bosley 00:36:38, 17th Peter  Smith 00:38:17,       41st Alfred Benjamin 00:40:25, 112th Paul Palmer 00:44:28,       331st Micky Middleton 00:52:32, 410th Linda Weedon 00:56:11,       532nd Alison Alexander 01:05:02, 535th Ann Palmer 01:05:38,       568th Grace Wilson 01:10:29      
October 10th Many congratulations to Dave       Lancaster who took part in the Carsington Duathlon in Derbyshire, with a       superb time of 1hr36mins for 5K run, 30K Bike and 5K run.       This was the final national ranking       event of the series, leaving him 4th in the British Triathlon Association       ranking for his age group and 24th overall.
October 10th Congratulations to all our       runners that took part in the ~15K Ridgeway run at Tring today,       including…153rd Mike       Hickman 1:15:39, 272nd Debbie Ridout 1:23:32, 282nd Ellen       Haynes 1:24:52, 300th Liz Davey 1:25:51, 415th Angle       McLoughlin (Racing for the second day in a row!) 1:35:29.
October 10th Well done to Debbie Jones       (1hr37mins) , Nick Martin(1hr44mins), Jock MaClean(1hr40mins)       and Alan Wheeler(1hr40mins) who all took part in the Henley half       marathon today, and we wish a speedy recovery to Lucy who badly twisted       her ankle during the event.       And also well done to our following       runners for completing the 10K at Henley…Pat Bromley 55:00, Sue       Walker 59:26, Alison Alexander 59:26 and  Stella       Gwilliam.
October 9th Many congratulations to all our       runners that represented the club in the first Chiltern League match at       RAF Halton… Especially to Micky Middleton who took part in her first       Cross Country and also superb efforts from Helen Murdoch and John Peerless       who both return back from long term injuries. Welcome back!       For the ladies we had a full team       with 17th Alison McQuater  29.54, 18th  Margaret Moody       29.56, 39th Micky Middelton 34.27, 42nd  Angie McLoughlin       35.10, 44th  Helen Murdoch 35.39.And for the men we were just one       runner short with 1st Trevor Hunter 34.18, 3rd Dave Bosley 36.15,       5th Phil Stephens 36.46, 44th Alfred Benjamin 41.29, 69th       James Cunnane 44.21, 86th John Peerless 47.46, 89th John       Bradbury 48.09.
September 26th Many congratulations to our       following runners who completed the Amersham 5 is the following excellent       times…David Duckworth 36mins56secs, Ellen Haynes 41mins,       Katy Palmer 43mins47secs.
September 26th Well done to Dave Lancaster who       came 8th in The Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre 10k (Rickmansworth), with       an excellent time of 39:28.
September 26th Well done to Des Mannion for       completing the Windsor Half Marathon in the time of 1hr49minsand12secs.
September 26th Many congratulations to Dave       Bosley for winning the Maidenhead Athletic club’s His and Hers event in a       superb time of 28:03.
September 12th Well done to all our runners       that completing the off road  Chiltern Marathon, especially to Debbie       Jones who was not just the first for the club, but also the first lady       home in the race!Debbie       Jones 4hrs50, Nick Martin 5hrs30, Debbie Ridout 6hrs15,       Mike Hickman 6hrs15, Rod Palmer 7hrs53, Margo 7hrs53.
September 11th Many congratulations to Margaret       Moody for winning the Lady vets prize in the Battersea Park 10K today,       with a superb new personal best time of 42:49, which not only won       her age group, but also the age group below hers as well!
September 11th Well done to Helen Murdoch for       continuing to improve over the Triathlon season, this time at the       Wombourne sprint, where she took over 2.5 minutes off her previous time       from earlier in the year.
September 11th Many congratulations to Alison       Mcquater for completing the Cotswolds triathlon today in a superb time of       1:18:30 after an excellent cycle and run section.
September 5th Many congratulations to our       ladies that took part in the Flora Light 5K challenge, in which 22,000       runners took part…Stella       Gwilliam 32:00, Laura Gwilliam 34:00, Pat Carter 34:39,       Sue Walker 35:30, Alison Alexander 35:30, Rose Priest       37:50,  Paula Potts 44:00, Ann 50:00.
September 5th Many congratulations to all our       runners that took part in the tough off road Chalford St Giles 10K today,       especially to Sally White who finished 2nd lady and won her age       category…Sally White       44:11, Michelle Margot 45:50, Alan Wheeler 46:02, Peter       Astles 49:00, Linda Weedon 57:05.
September 4th A big well done to Ian Murdoch,       Helen Murodch and Alison Mcquater who combined to make up a triathlon team       at Brighton today…Ian       swam the 1500 metres in         32 mins, Helen did the 40K cycle in       1hr 25mins and Alison did the 10K run in 47:30, to give an excellent       combined time of 2hrs 52 mins in the heat, which placed them       second. 
August 29th 2004 Many congratulations to Mike       Hickman and Alan Wheeler for completing the gruelling Jog Shop 20, Mike       finishing in 10th place with an excellent time of 3:13:33, and       Allen in 61st place with also and excellent  time of 2:59:02.
August 29th 2004 Many congratulations to Helen       Murdoch for completing the very competitive Edinburgh Triathlon today. Due       to strong currents in the firth they ended up having to do a 2 lap swim,       and the cycle was on a very hilly course, so well done to Helen.
August 29th 2004 Many congratulations to Rod       Palmer who not only ran the complete length of the Ridgeway over the       weekend, but finished 4th and won his age category!
August 29th 2004 Well done to our following       runners that travelled to Belgium to compete in the tough Descente de La       Lesse races…15.5K – 36th       Pete Smith 66:35.24.5K – 10th Trevor Hunter       1:35:29, 250th James Bateman 2:17:37.

After torrential rain one of the       bridges put up for the race floated away 3 hours before the start of the       event, but the organisers did an amazing job to keep the race on, albeit       with a 3.5KM diversion!

August 15th 2004 Well done to all our runners       that completed the Burnham Half Marathon today…       47th Dan Charleston 1:25:38,       106th Dave Leighton 1:30:29, 148th Ralph Bernascone 1:33:29,       216th Benji 1:37:12, 328th Jock Maclean 1:41:59, 363rd Terry       Eves 1:43:57, 493rd Peter Edington 1:49:07, 494th Trevor       Free 1:49:10, 630th Paul Palmer 1:54:03, 782nd Lucy Coturuer       2:00:03, 862nd Daina Crampton 2:05:37, 968th Myrl Richardson       2:13:38, 994th Melanie Hill 2:16:00, 1051st Sam Potter       2:23:22
August 15th 2004 Well done to Trevor Hunter for       representing Bucks in the National10K champs in Bishop Auckland with a       time of 35:16.
August 14th 2004 Many congratulations to Alison       McQuater and Helen Murdoch completing the Dorney Lake Triathlon is superb       times.The event comprised       of an 800m swim, 30k cycle and 7.5k run.Alison took 18:28 for the swim,       58:33 for the cycle and 37:57 for the run. Her overall time was        1:54:58 and she finished in 10th place winning her the prize for being       the first vet.

Helen did 18:12 for the swim,       61:07 for the cycle and 41:51 for the run. Her overall time was 2:01:10       and she finished in 18th place.

August 8th 2004 A big well done to Margaret       Moody that fought off 28 degree heat to complete the Bearbrook 10K today       in 45mins59secs
July 31st 2004 Congratulations to Paul Palmer       for completing the Olympic distance London Triathlon in another superb       time… 00:34:25 – 1500 metre swim 01:21:38 – 40KM bike 00:44:34 – 10KM run       ——————– 02:47:25 Total
July 25th 2004 Congratulations to our brave       runners that took part in summer tough guy event…       In our intrepid Handy Cross team       were Nick Martin, Helen Murdoch, Grace Wilson, Lucy Couturier, Alison       Alexander, Ann Palmer, Paul Palmer, Martin Dean and Trevor Hunter.
July 22nd 2004 Well done to our runners that       completed the Waddesdon Manor 5K today…       65th Richard Berry 20:39,       98th Mike Hickman 22:23, 140th Chris Gentry 25:06
July 20th 2004 Well done to our runners that       completed the Datchet 5K today…
July 13th 2004 Well done to our runners that       completed the Handy Cross 5K today, and a big thank you to everyone that       helped out and welcome back Pete Smith after his 15 month layoff from       running – due to injury.
July 14th 2004 Many congratulations to Peter       Astles who travelled all the way to Carlisle and competed in the Carlisle       Rugby Club 10K with a new personal best time of 44mins51secs.
July 11th 2004 A big thank you to every one       that helped out with the marshalling and organisation of the Wycombe Half       Marathon today, without your work the event would not have been possible!
July 11th 2004 Many congratulations to everyone       that completed the Wycombe Half marathon. Results       now online      Especially well done to our Handy Cross Runners that took part,       particularly to Benji who has now ran every single Wycombe Half Marathon,       Dan Charleston who was first home for the club and Dan Fox who completed       the event in a superb time, with his first attempt at the distance.22nd  DAN CHARLESTON       01:24:38, 37th  JOHN DOOEY 01:27:58, 64th  ALFRED       BENJAMIN 01:31:08, 68th DANNY FOX 01:31:39, 193rd        MICHAEL HICKMAN 01:40:24, 251st  RUSSELL FELL 01:43:25,       289th  PENNY CUTLER 01:45:05, 301st  JAMES CUNNANE       01:45:52, 322nd  TERRY EVES 01:47:14, 674th  CECIL       HAMILTON-JONES 02:05:58, 716th  MYRL RICHARDSON 02:10:28,       735th  LAURA GWILLIAM 02:12:27, 752nd  MARTIN FOX       02:14:20, 771st MELANIE HILL 02:16:03 , 780th  STELLA       GWILLIAM 02:17:20, 805th  JACQUELINE HARDING 02:20:29,       841st  GRACE WILSON 02:26:39
July 4th 2004 Congratulations to Alison       Mcquater for completing the off road Sam 10K today…
July 4th 2004 Well done to all our runners       that took part in the Princes Risborough 10K today.       Trevor Hunter (6th) 35:17, James Cunnane (Seamus) (47th)       42:08, Michelle Margot (8th Female) 43:24, Mike Hickman 45:45, Peter       Astles 45:49, Russell Fell 46:18, Penny Cutler 46:38, Liz Davey 48:38,       Debbie Ridout 49:06, Peter Edington 49:44, Russell Fenn 50:37, Linda       Weedon 53:39, Pat Bromley 59:05
July 3rd 2004 Congratulations to our following       runners that took part in the Datchet Dash 10K race today.       Jonathan Hobson 47:34, Tina       Stevenson 52:46.
June 30th 2004 Well done to our following       runners that took part in the Maidenhead 5K event. 29th Adam Parrett 19:27, 40th       Danny Fox 20:01, 44th Howard Goldsmith 20:07, 36th James Cunnane 20:09,       51st Mike Hollis 20:22, 64th Michelle Margot 20:59, 69th Margaret Moody       21:12, 71st Nick Martin 21:14, 78th Paul Palmer 21:35, 80th Guy       Darcy-Evans 21:37, 81st Des Mannion 21:38, 82nd Peter Astles 21:41, 84th       Chris Edington 21:45, 87th John Hobson 21:53, 101st Peter Edington 22:31,       103rd Martin Dean 22:36, 106th Liz Davey 22:43, 110th Mike Hickman 22:46,       114th Chris Lansdown 22:51, 117th Mike Blowing 22:58, 118th Debbie Ridout       23:00, 125th Ron Corbett 23:32, 131st Terry Eves 23:45, 155th Russell Fenn       24:23, 175th Colin Higgs 25:29, 185th Lucy Couturier 26:05, 186th Keith       Hicks 26:07, 196th Laura Gwilliam 26:47, 200th Liz Darcy-Evans 26:55,       207th Richard Stene 27:46, 215th Debbie Harris 28:23, 218th Chloe Gwilliam       28:25, 219th Jackie Harding2 8:27, 220th John Gilbert 28:30, 224th stella       Gwillian 29:03, 226th Ann Palmer 29:16, 235th Viv White 29:58, 240th       Vernon Martin 30:35, 258th Grace Wilson 32:31, 259th Sue Walker 32:32,       262nd Jo Hutchby 33:25, 276th Sarah Mordant 36:31, 280th Rebecca Edward       37:32   
June 26/27th 2004 Many congratulations to Margaret       Moody who competed at the Alexandra Stadium in Birmingham in the British       Masters Championship last weekend…       On the Saturday in wet and windy       conditions she was just pipped to the post in 2nd place, but still in a       excellent time of 21:07!On the Sunday in Hot and Windy       conditions she got her revenge by not only winning the race by leading all       the way – but also lapping the rest of the field “In true Paula Radcliffe       style”, with a superb time of 44:36.

Please pass your congratulations       to Margaret when you see her as she is now the British Champion!

June 27th 2004 A big well done to Alison       Mcquater who completed the Eton triathlon in an excellent time of 1:14,       in-spite of a torrential downpour in the second half of the run stage…
June 20th 2004 Many congratulations to all our       runners that took part in this years Ridgeway Relay and many thanks to       Nick Martin who’s very hard work makes it possible for 30 club members to       take part in the event!      Special mentions should also be made for Mike Hickman, who not only had to       complete Leg8, but also had to to carry on and do the very tough Leg9, due       to the rest of the team being so fast, also to Jock MacLean who had also       ran the Penn7 race that morning, as well as complete Leg10!For the second year in a row our        ladies team where just pipped to the post (less than 2 minutes) by       Headington Road Runners Ladies,  inspite of us running 45 minutes       faster than last year, in the fastest time every achieved by a Handy Cross       team, so well done to everyone!

Handy Cross Results ->       Ladies Team, Men’s Team,       Other’s TeamPlacing       after each stage.

June 20th 2004 Big well done to all our runners       that took part in the Penn7 today including…       Peter Astles, Jock Maclean, Karen       Williams, Elaine Brewster and Sarah Mordant…Results to follow…
June 15th 2004 Congratulations to everyone that       took part in the Marlow5K today including…       2nd Trevor       Hunter 0:16:22(PB), 5th Dave Bosley 0:17:13, 9th Phil  Stephens       0:17:31, 12th Dan Charleston 0:17:42(PB), 33rd Sally White 0:19:17, 35th       Dave Leighton 0:19:21, 38th Alfred Benjamin 0:19:36, 43rd James Cunnane       0:19:42, 46th Mike Hollis 0:19:50, 51st Howard Goldsmith 0:19:57, 71st       Colin Knight 0:20:49, 80th Des Mannion 0:21:15, 83rd Peter Astles 0:21:21,       86th Margaret Moody 0:21:31, 88th Mike Hickman 0:21:39, 90th Dave       Duckworth 0:21:43, 91st Geoff Medlicot 0:21:47, 93rd Martin Dean 0:21:50,       95th Liz Davey 0:21:56, 106th Peter Edington 0:22:11, 110th Alan Songhurst       0:22:14, 116th Russell Fell 0:22:37, 117th Chris Lansdown 0:22:40, 125th       Debbie Ridout 0:23:00, 126th Russell Fell 0:23:00, 127th John Bradbury       0:23:06, 130th Karen Williams 0:23:18, 133rd Paul Jennings 0:23:30, 142nd       Sue Neale 0:23:56, 147th Colin Higgs 0:24:16, 148th Sean Bryant 0:24:17,       168th Mike Blowing 0:24:57, 169th Keith Hicks 0:25:00, 171st Micheal Colly       0:25:05, 174th Clive Capps 0:25:20, 175th Lucy Couturier 0:25:24, 180th       Martin Brewster 0:25:31, 186th Laura Gwilliam 0:25:50, 193rd Linda Weedon       0:26:03, 205th Richard Stene 0:26:50,       225th Julie Dean 0:28:28, 229th Viv White 0:29:11, 230th Stella Gwilliam       0:29:17, 231st Jackie Harding 0:29:29, 234th Ann Palmer 0:29:43, 254th       Vernon Martin 0:30:58, 260th Brian Sinclair 0:31:15, 261st Sue Walker       0:31:16, 262nd Grace Wilson 0:31:17, 270th Elaine Brewster 0:31:57, 271st       Rose Priest 0:32:24, 279th Jo Hutchby 0:34:03, 284th Sarah Mordant 0:35:55      
June 13th 2004 Many congratulations to Helen       Murdoch for completing the Windsor Triathlon today in a superb time of       3hrs 9minsWith a       1500 metre swim in 35:07, 40K cycle in 1:32:17 and 10K run in 01:0159
June 13th 2004 Congratulations to all the handy       cross runners that turned out at the Wooburn 10K resulting in us winning       the team prize, and well done to Margaret for winning her category       prize…       3rd Trevor Hunter 00:35:43, 6th David Bosley 00:37:37, 15th John Dooey       00:40:52, 18th John Peerless 00:41:40, 30th Michael Hollis 00:43:25, 42nd       Adam Parrett 00:44:41, 43rd Danny Fox 00:45:08, 47th Michael Hickman       00:45:47,  61st Margaret Moody 47:24, 63rd Adam Koffler 00:47:28,        64th Laura Gwilliam 00:47:30,  77th Russell Fell 00:48:22,  90th       Liz Davey 00:49:57,  109th Deborah Ridout 00:51:28,  124th       Angela McLoughlin 00:53:13, 126th Karen Williams 00:53:29,  146yj       Linda Weedon 00:55:26,  160th Lucille Couturier 00:56:30,  182nd       Alison Packman 00:58:24,  223rd Stella Gwilliam 01:02:28,  230th       Martyn Fox 01:03:51,  232nd Melanie Hill 01:04:09,  241st Linda       Gaitskell 01:06:08,  256th Grace Wilson 01:08:14,  262nd Alison       Alexander 01:09:28,  271st Sarah Mordant 01:20:43
June 9th 2004 Congratulations to Dave Bosley       for winning the fist vets prize in the Bracknell Forest Five, finsihing in       6th place in a time of 00:29:49
June 3rd 2004 Congratulations to our runners       that took part in the Burnham 5K today, and well done to Dan Charleston       and Margaret Moody who where the first man and lady home for the club.

                  6th Dan Charleston 0:18’29.11 ,         13th James Peerless 0:19’16.58 , 16th John Pearless 0:19’29.43 , 21st         Danny Fox 0:19’52.55 , 28th James Cunnane 0:20’16.74 , 31st Adam Parrett         0:20’29.71 , 35th Mike Hollis 0:20’45.52 , 40th Howard Goldsmith         0:20’52.24 , 61st Jock Maclean 0:21’59.24 , 66th Margaret Moody         0:22’23.43 , 70th John Bradbury 0:22’34.05 , 71st Guy Darcy-Evans         0:22’34.65 , 72nd Mike Hickman 0:22’35.30 , 75th Martin Dean 0:22’38.40         , 82nd Dave Duckworth 0:22’48.90 , 91st Penny Fisher 0:23’17.81 , 92nd         Liz Davey 0:23’18.74 , 92rd Ron Corbett 0:23’21.58 , 97th Thomas         Darcy-Evans 0:23’33.43 , 106th Debbie Ridout 0:24’05.37 , 112th Angie         McLoughlin 0:24’13.93 , 117th Russell Fenn 0:24’36.24 , 118th Chris         Gentry 0:24’36.68 , 122nd Peter Edington 0:24’46.78 , 126th Colin Higgs         0:24’51.11 , 130th Terry Eves 0:25’03.05 , 153rd Lucy Couturier         0:26’17.11 , 156th Liz Darcy-Evans 0:26’22.02 , 159th Keith Hicks         0:26’24.37 , 168th Richard Stene 0:27’21.46 , 171st Jo Gilbert         0:27’44.18 , 176th Linda Weedon 0:27’54.55 , 180th Sally Kitching         0:27’59.43 , 185th Meg Knight 0:28’08.21 , 203rd Julie Dean 0:29’44.62 ,         206th Paula Potts 0:30’18.62 , 208th Ann Palmer 0:30’30.90 , 217th Sue         Walker 0:31’44.02 , 219th Vernon Martin 0:31’47.74 , 221st Sue Cordery         0:32’08.49 , 225th Dave Nash 0:32’43.05 , 229th Grace Wilson 0:33’31.74         , 232nd Alison Buckle 0:34’26.81 , 237th Stephan Naunko 0:36’31.11 ,         238th Sarah Mordant 0:37’39.11
May 23rd 2004 Many congratulations to our       runners that went over to take part in the Prague marathon especially to       Lucy Couturier and Trevor Hunter who achieved new person best times…       Trevor Hunter 50th 2:39:37(PB),       Trevor Free 3:38:51, James Bateman 3:51:22, Nick Martin       4:02:54, Lucy Couturier 4:09:37(PB)
May 23rd 2004 Well done to Alison Mcquater for       completing the Bedford Sprint Triathlon in a time of 1:23:25.
May 16th 2004 Many congratulations to our       following runners that completed the Prestwood 10K today…       42nd Mike Hollis 43:18, 74th       Mike Hickman 46:37, 90th Peter Astles 48:40, 98th Liz Davey       49:00, 120th Mike Blowing 51:00, 217th Richard Stone       61:43, 224nd Dave Nash 63:01.
May 16th 2004 Many congratulations to Ellen       Haynes who achieved a new personal best time of 49:10 at the       Concorde 10K.
May 15th 2004 Well done to Alison Mcquater and       Trevor Hunter who represented the club in the Bucks track championships       today at 3000 and 5000 metres.
May 12th 2004 Well done to all our members       that took part in the Wargrave 5K, the biggest turnout for the club ever!       13th Dan Charleston 00:18:26, 27th       John Pearless 00:19:02, 34th Alfred Benjamin 00:19:27, 40th Alex Fletcher       00:19:45, 48th Mike Hollis 00:20:11, 61st Howard Goldsmith 00:20:38, 70th       Nick Martin 00:20:53, 78th Debbie Jones 00:21:15, 81st Colin Knight       00:21:24, 89th Margaret Moody 00:21:41, 88th John Hobson 00:21:41, 100th       Des Mannion 00:22:01, 101st Jock McClean 00:22:11, 105th Mike Hickman       00:22:14, 106th Martin Dean 00:22:16, 116th Ron Corbett 00:22:38, 118th       Thomas Darcy-Evans 00:22:42, 131st Liz Davey 00:23:08, 137th John Bradbury       00:23:18, 139th Mike Blowing 00:23:25, 145th Ellen Haynes 00:23:38, 148th       Russell Fenn 00:23:47, 150th Angie McLoughlin 00:23:50, 152nd Karen       Williams 00:23:52, 155th Alan Songhurst 00:23:56, 165th Colin Higgs       00:24:16, 166th Debbie Ridout 00:24:18, 167th Chris Lansdown 00:24:18,       168th Chris Gentry 00:24:19, 170th Katy Palmer 00:24:26, 183rd Terry Eves       00:24:57, 195th Lucy Couturier 00:25:25, 207th Liz Darcy-Evans 00:25:56,       209th Barbara Crandon 00:26:03, 217th Keith Hicks 00:26:27, 219th Mark       Stewart 00:26:30, 221st Gill Brooks 00:26:34, 222nd Helen Murdoch       00:26:37, 230th Jo Willock 00:27:16, 239th Stella Gwillian 00:27:33, 246th       Guy Darcy-Evans 00:27:48, 260th Debbie Harris 00:28:23, 261st Viv White       00:28:25, 262nd Chloe Gwilliam 00:28:33,264th Laura Gwilliam 00:28:34,       263rd Dave Nash 00:28:34, 278th John Gilbert 00:29:32, 280th Julie Dean       00:30:07, 287th Paula Potts 00:30:32, 288th Elaine Brewster 00:30:33,       293rd Ann Palmer 00:31:16, 298th Sue Cordery 00:31:38, 304th Sue Walker       00:32:16, 303rd Grace Wilson 00:32:16, 307th Alex Thomason 00:32:47, 308th       Vernon Martin 00:32:53, 320th Alison Buckle 00:34:25, 322nd Sarah Mordant       00:36:27, 325th Peter Edington 00:40:41.
May 9th 2004 Many congratulations to all       the runners that completed the Marlow5 today in a record turnout… And a       big thank you to everyone that put lots of hard work into organising and       marshalling the event.       Results for the Marlow 5 now online…
May 8th 2004 Many congratulations to all our       runners that took part in the Icknield Way 10K and half marathon in       treacherous conditions –  Especially to Margaret for winning her       category prize.The brave       runners runners that took part in the 10K included…35th Chris Gentry 51:39,       38th Liz Davey 52.25, 49th Karen Haynes 55:50, 57th Helen       Murdoch 58:09

And in the Half Marathon, where       Handy Cross retained their team prize…

2nd Trevor Hunter 1:20:39,       16th John Dooey 1:34:35, 21st John Peerless 1:36:09, 23rd       Dave Leighton 1:36:44, Jock Maclean, 37th Benji 1:43:28,       43rd Jock Maclean 1:46:25, 48th Margaret Moody (First Lady V50)       1:48:16.

May 3rd 2004 Well done to all       our runners that completed the Pednor 5 mile race today…       6th Lady (2nd in category) –       Margaret Moody 35:1648th Danny Fox 34:23, 65th       Pete Astles 36:11, 82nd Mike Hickman 38:02.
April 18th 2004 Many congratulations to all         our runners that completed the London Marathon today in cold wet         conditions, especially to David Redhouse for achieving a new personal         best time and to Julie Dean, Linda Weedon, Elaine Brewster and Frank         Fulcher for completing the gruelling distance for the first time. Also         to Rusell Fenn who completed his second marathon is as many weeks!                 Dave Redhouse 2:58:52 (PB), Roger Porter 3:03:55, Frank         Fulcher 3:19:04, Nick Martin 3:46:44, Ron Newman 3:46:44,         Mike Hickman 3:51:17, Adam Koffler 3:57:07, Alan Wheeler 3:57,         Ray Ramon 4:05:12, Alison Packman 4:33:44, Mike         Blowing 4:48:52, Russell Fenn 4:53:07(Second marathon in 2         weeks! ), Julie Dean 4:53:44, Helen Hammond 4:58, Linda         Weedon 4:59:22, Deborah Browne 5:06:59, Elanie Brewster 5:35:00
April 11th 2004 Congratulations to all our         runners that took part in the Benson 10K today, especially to Margaret         Moody won the cup for 1st Female Veteran 50 and Debbie Jones who won          the cup for being 1st local lady home.         Also our ladies team of Margaret         Moody, Debbie Jones and Liz Davey won a plaque for coming 2nd.Also excellent runs from Mike         Hollis who was first home for the club and also Rod Palmer, Katie         Palmer, Mike Hickman, Dave Nash, Stella and Laura Gwillam, Grace Wilson         and Sarah Mordaunt.
April 9th 2004 Congratulations to all our         members that came to the Maidenhead 10 mile race with and excellent         turnout for the club, and thanks to those who came to support, which was         greatly appreciated.6th         Trevor Hunter 0:55:24 (PB), 41st Roger Porter 0:59:51,         107th John Peerless 1:04:58, 113rd Robert Pettingell 1:05:28,         167th Michael Hollis 1:08:01, 215th Alison McQuater 1:10:12 (PB),         278th Nick Martin 1:13:15, 307th Peter Astles 1:14:04,         340th Des Manion 1:15:07, 381st Penny Cutler 1:16:40,         397th Michael Hickman 1:17:06, 623rd Angela McLoughlin 1:25:54,         662nd Lucille Couturier 1:28:20, 743rd Tina Stevenson 1:32:15,         785th Julie Dean 1:35:31, 786th Martin Dean 1:35:31, 849th         Deborah Browne 1:42:02 ,878th Tony Barlow  1:46:43,         879th Linda Gaitskell 1:46:43.
April 4th 2004 Congratulations to Debbie         Jones who completed the White Horse Half Marathon in 163rd place in a         time of 1hr42mins.
April 4th 2004 Many congratulations to         Margaret Moody and Russell Fenn who travelled to Paris to complete the         Marathon in the following superb times.         Margaret Moody 3hrs 37mins, Russell Fenn         4hrs 26 mins
March 28th 2004 Excellent effort by our         following runners for completing the Compton 20 today.         135th Rod Palmer 3:18:07, 246th Julie Dean 4:27:34,         247th Martin Dean 4:27:34
March 28th 2004 Congratulations to Roger         Porter and Trevor Hunter for being the only Bucks representative at the         inter country and AAA half marathon champs at Ackworth today…         Finishing in 45th place was Trevor         Hunter with a time of 1:15:59 and in 83rd place Roger Porter with         a time of 1:21:22.
March 21st 2004 Congratulations to Alison,         Helen and Ian for completing the Exeter duathlon today with Alison          managing  to win 2nd place in the F40-49 category.         This event consisted of a 600         Metre Swim and a 5K run.Alison Mcquater 13:02 &         22:13, Helen Murdoch 11:33 & 31:12, Ian Murdoch         10:58 & 29:55.
March 14th 2004
Congratulations to our brave           runners that fought the elements to complete this years Grizzley…           406th Trevor Free 2:45:55,           511th Dave Leighton 2:51:46, 719th Debbie Jones 3:04:59,           720th Nick Martin 3:05:00, 743rd Paul Palmer 3:06:15,           751st Mike Stone 3:06:47, 815th Mike Hickman 3:09:58,           825th Peter Astles 3:11:05, 1303rd Mike Blowing 3:46:27,           1410th Lucy Couturier 3:56:44
March 14th 2004 Well done to Alison Mcquater         for achieving her second personal best time in as many races. This time         in the Fleet half marathon with a excellent time of 1hr 33mins.
March 7th 2004 Well         done to Frank Fulcher for completing the Reading Half Marathon in 297th         place with a time of 1:26:52.
March 7th 2004         Congratulations to our following runners for completing the         Berkhampstead Half Marathon –1:36:45 Trevor Free , 1.39.59         Des         Mannion.
February 29th         2004         Congratulations to Alison         Mcquater for not only achieving a new personal best time of 41:32         but also securing 2nd place over the Regents Park 10K grand prix series.
February 29th         2004 Well done to all our following         runners that completed the Bramley 20 Mile race… 14th         1:56:25         Trevor         Hunter,         309th         2:33:44         Trevor         Free, 313th         2:33:57         Margaret         Moody, 456th         2:46:54         Nick         Martin         and Mike Hickman
February 29th         2004 And         also well done to our members that completed the Bramley 10 Mile on the         same day…                 74th                 1:08:49 Mike Hollis,                  127th         1:15:14 Debbie Jones, 201st                  1:22:16 Liz                 Davey, 296th         1:32:29 Alison                          Packman, 298th         1:32:46 Helen Hammond.
February 29th         2004         Congratulations to Sue Neale and Ellen for completing the Goring 10K in         52 minutes…
February 15th         2004 Congratulations to everyone         that completed our cross country event today, and a big thank you to the         people that worked Saturday and Sunday to ensure another successful         event.
February 14th         2004 Congratulations to all our         runners that took part in the final Chiltern League event at Wing,         especially to Alison who not only finished in her highest ever league         position but was also first lady in her category.         For the ladies we had 4th Alison McQuater 27.00 (First         V35), 14th Margaret Moody 28.37, 42th Angie McLoughlin         34.47 And for the men we had 2nd Trevor Hunter 36.09,         8th Roger Porter 37.48, 10th Dave Bosley 38.31, 11th Phil         Stephens 38.39, 25th Dave Lancaster 40.14, 75th John         Peerless 45.15.

With such superb efforts our following runners picked         up prizes for the complete season…

Alison McQuater 3rd lady V35, Trevor Hunter         2nd Senior and 2nd in league, Phil Stephens 1st Vet40,         Roger Porter 3rd Vet40.

February 8th         2004 Well done to all our runners         that braved out the very gusty conditions to complete the Wokingham half         marathon…Especially to         Margaret Moody who had not only raced the day before but won her ladies         category prize…8th Trevor Hunter 1:14:27,         106th John Dooey 1:25:10, 226th Mike Hollis 1:29:41, 370th         Trevor Free 1:34:37, 473rd Margaret Moody 1:37:34, 505th         Peter Astles 1:38:30, 565th Des Mannion 1:40:14, 606th         Jock Maclean 1:41:25, 793rd Mike Hickman 1:45:33, 953rd         Liz Davey 1:49:50, 1023rd Russell Fenn 1:51:17, 1377th         Linda Weedon 2:01:03, 1385th Rose Priest 2:01:19, 1489th         Pat Bromley 2:05:49, 1656th Deborah Brown 2:16:15, 1707th         Stella Gwilliam 2:23:25, 1709th Laura Gwilliam 2:23:31.
February 7th         2004 Congratulations to Margaret         Moody and Roger Porter for taking part in the Bucks cross country champs         today, with Roger finishing in 20th place.
February 1st         2004 Well done to Julie Dean and         Trevor Free for completing the Watford half marathon today especially to         Julie for achieving a new personal best time…         865th Trevor Free 1:34:30,         1851st Julie Dean 2:15:01.
January         25th 2004 Many congratulations to all our Brave runners that         completed the Tough guys event, including Nick Martin, Lucy          Couturier, Alison         Packman, Helen Hammond and Martin Dean.
January         18th 2004 Many congratulations to Handy Cross for winning the         Highworth Trophy for the 5th year in a row, thanks to a superb effort         from the following runners…         2nd Trevor Hunter 1:14:13,         3rd Roger Porter 1:18:03, 11th Frank Fulcher 1:21:16, 13th         John Dooey 1:22:42, 21st (2nd Lady) Sally White 1:26:50,         22nd John Peerless 1:26:51, 24th Benji 1:27:41. 32nd Mike         Hollis 1:30:31, 45th Pete Edington 1:34:05, 46th Trevor         Free 1:34:05, 69th Des Manion 1:39:50, 73rd Margaret Moody         1:40:34, 74th Sean Ryan 1:40:34, 100th Mike Hickman         1:47:30, 113th Stef Naunko 1:49:52.
January         10th 2004 Many congratulations to the Handy Cross team that         took part in the Chiltern League Cross country event at Slough, which         resulted in the clubs best ever result by being the first 2nd division         team, inspite of being one lady short and not having any juniors taking         part…Superb efforts by the following         runners…7th Alison McQuater 23:55, 12th Margaret Moody         25:15, 36th Angie McGloughlin 30:33.

2nd Trevor Hunter 30:02, 3rd Phil Stephens         30:41, 4th Roger Porter 30:45,  11th Frank Fulcher         32:02, 18th Dave Bosley 32:41, 32nd Dave Lancaster 33:43,         35th Benji 34:06, 71st John Peerless 36:35.