2001 Results

December 30th 2001

Well done to all our runners that worked off some off their Xmas pudding at the Cliveden Cross Country. A special congratulations goes to Debbie Ridout who not only knocked 2 minutes of her best time for the course, but also won a shield for finishing 3 lady in her category. Also congratulation to Nick Martin who also knocked 2 minutes off his personal best time, inspite of running 12 KMs to the course… 4th Trevor Hunter 37mins51secs, 6th Duncan Clark 38mins48sec , 72nd Nick Martin 45mins40secs, 76th Paul Palmer 45mins50secs, 117th Rod Macelan 48mins58secs, 138th Martin Dean 50mins13secs, 182nd John Bradbury 52mins15secs , 165th Des Mannion 51mins32secs, 210th Debbie Ridout 53mins46secs, 220th Trevor Hart 54mins17secs, 384th Dave Nash 63mins38secs, 436th Ann Palmer 76mins10sec.

December 29th 2001

Many congratulations to Alison Alexander who completed the hilly 4 mile BUPA Great North Winter Run at Exhibition Park, Newcastle in 50 mins 8secs.

December 16th 2001

Many congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Reading Road Runners cross country event today, making up a full ladies and mens team… Especially to Ralph Kessler for taking part in the event whilst over from his home in St Louis, USA, to Trevor Hunter for picking up his first ever cross country win and to Phil Stevens who secured another excellent 7th place.
1st Trevor Hunter 34mins41secs, 7th Phil Stephens 36mins20secs, 46th Alfred Benjamin 40mins27secs, 101st John Bradbury 44mins40secs, 106th Rod Palmer 44mins55secs, 125th Martin Dean 46mins14secs, 143rd Mike Hickman 47mins20secs, 183rd Debbie Ridout 50mins4secs, 225th Helen Murdoch 55mins33secs, 244th Katie Palmer 59mins47secs, 245th Stephen Richardson 59mins48secs, 248th Ralph Kessler 60mins56secs, 251st Fran Cooper 62mins

December 9th 2001

Well done to all our runners that competed in the Sandhurst Cross Country event today including…
7th Phil Stevens 34mins11secs, 49th Benji 37mins40secs, 98th Nick Martin 421mins2secs, 105th John Bradbury 40mins25secs, 121st Martin Dean 42mins42secs, 135th Debbie Jones 43mins13secs, 148th Mike Hickman 44mins13secs, 174th Debbie Ridout 46mins33secs.

December 2nd 2001

A big well done to all our runners that took part in the Luton Marathon today including… Trevor Free who achieved a new personal best time with 3hrs16mins&30secs in 46th place and Nick Martin who was within 10 seconds of his personal best with 3hrs18mins52secs and 55th place.
Also congratulations to our teams that took part… Debbie Jones 61mins21secs, Penny Fisher 69mins26secs and Debbie Ridout 70mins42 secs. Total 3hrs21mins29secs finishing in 68th place and 6th in the ladies category.
Angie McLoughlin 70mins46secs, Jo Payne 73mins32secs and Helen Murdoch 80mins44secs. Total 3hrs45mins2secs finishing 114th and 11th in ladies category.

December 1st 2001

Congratulations to our Biggleswade cross country team today including 9th Dave Bosley 27mins51secs, 12th Trevor Hunter 28mins16secs, 13th Phil Stevens 28mins43secs, 22nd John Dooey 30mins9secs and 39th Benji 31mins35secs.

November 25th 2001

Well done to our runners that completed the ‘Hard’ hardwick cross country event today including Jock Maclean

November 25th 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Metros Cross Country event in Ruislip woods.
2nd Trevor Hunter 30.45, 4th Phil Stephens 31.12, 32nd Alfred Benjamin 34.14, 42nd Pete Edington 35.01, 74th Nick Martin 37.24, 101st John Bradbury 39.37, 128th Martin Dean 40.55,145th Mike Hickman 41.39, 178th Clive Girling 43.25, 179th Debbie Ridout 43.26, 207th Alison Kimber 46.25, 243rd Helen Murdock 53.02, 246th Stephen Richardson 54.25

November 18th 2001

Well done to Benji for representing the club in the BBO cross country today finishing in 55th place.

November 18th 2001

Well done to all our runners that completed the Herberts Hole event today.
For the ladies came Debbie Ridout finishing 46th in a time of 59mins44sec, Penny Fisher 48th 60mins30secs, 58th Sarah Clark 63mins27secs, 81st Pat Carter 68mins56secs, 94th Paula Parkin 75mins19secs, 106th Alison Alexander 81mins10secs and 108th Sue Walker 81mins10secs.
For the men came 4th Duncan Clark 40mins8secs, 47th Paul Palmer 46mins34secs, 66th Nick Martin 47mins42secs, 70th Trevor Free 48mins3secs, 168th Mike Hickman 54mins57secs, 188th Trevor Hart 56mins59secs, 211th Clive Girling 59mins44secs, 219th Peter Astles 60mins25secs

November 11th 2001

Handy Cross Runners travelled to Belgium to race in the tough 33K Herve event today.
7th Pete Smith 2hsr6mins23secs, 11th Trevor Hunter 2hrs8mins20secs.

November 11th 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Datchet Cross Country today.
39th Bengie Benjamin 35.23, 58th Paul Palmer 36.38, 71st Pete Edington 37.17, 110th Nick Martin 40.29, 122th Rod Palmer 41.21, 138th Mike Hickman 42.00, 174th Debbie Ridout 44.54, 216th Martin Dean 48.43, 224th Stephen Richardson 50.15, 236th Katie Palmer 53.28

November 4th 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Marlow Half Marathon today and thank you to the people that helped out marshalling the course. 7th Trevor Hunter 01:17:25, 56th Trevor Free 01:30:23, 66th Benji 01:32:06, 96th Paul Palmer 01:34:23, 130th Nick Martin 01:37:06, 157th Debbie Jones 01:38:12, 177th Rod Maclean 01:39:34, 191st Mark Hoad 01:41:01, 213th John Bradbury 01:42:31, 215th Alan Songhurst 01:42:36(PB), 328th MIke Hickman 01:48:57, 353th Debbie Ridout 01:50:19, 416th Clive Girling 01:53:41, 509th Richard Walker 01:59:43, 570th Dave Nash 02:06:46.

November 3rd 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Oxford Chiltern League cross country today.
3rd Pete Smith 33mins56secs, 8th Dave Bosley 34mins52secs, 11th Duncan Clark 35mins20secs, 15th Phil Stephens 35mins39secs, John Dooey, 39th Peter Edington 39mins58secs, 54th Benji 41mins18secs, 89th John Bradbury 46mins37secs.
And to Sarah Clark who completed the ladies race finishing 33rd in a time of 31mins15secs.

October 28th 2001

Well done to our runners that completed the Stroud Half Marathon today.
226th Nick Martin 1hr29mins48secs, 588th Mike Hickman 1hr44mins58secs, 657th Debbie Ridout 1hr47mins3secs.

October 21st 2001

Congratulations to Handy Cross Runners for winning the Blenhium 10K mens team prize today. (A Barrel of Beer!!!). This is the club’s 6th team prize of 2001!
4th Pete Smith 32mins25secs, 7th Trevor Hunter 34mins44secs(PB), 17th Duncan Clark 36mins53secs, 32nd Peter Edington 39mins13secs, 85th Paul Palmer 43mins42secs, 338th Stephen Lynch 59mins23secs, 380th Sue Walker 65mins25secs, 401st Alison Alexander 70mins21secs.

October 21st 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Grizzly “A Race Oddity” event today.
188th Ken Hemmings 3hrs5mins2secs, 198th Trevor Free 3hrs6mins34secs, 330th Rod Palmer 3hrs20mins12secs, 456th Mike Stone 3hrs34mins8secs, 561st Jim Jefferson 3hrs44mins25secs, 722nd Mike Hickman 4hrs2mins1sec, 723rd Debbie Ridout 4hrs2mins1sec, 881st Mike Blowing 4hrs27mins, 952nd Peter Astles 4hrs42mins30secs.

October 14th 2001

Well done to Paula Parkin for completing the Great South run in 1hr44mins.

October 14th 2001

Well done to our following runners that completed the Wendover 5 run today, especially to Sue Walker who won her age category.
Alison Alexander 62mins43secs, Sue Walker 62mins44secs and Rose Priest 62mins50secs.

October 14th 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Ridgeway 15K today…
30th Dave Leighton 69mins14secs, 86th Jock Maclean 75mins36secs, 112th Rod Palmer 77mins15secs, 127th John Bradbury 78mins16secs, 174th Mike Hickman 82mins7secs, 214th Deebie Ridout 85mins42secs, 224th Glive Girling 86mins33secs.

October 14th 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that completed the Henley Half Marathon today especially to Debbie James who won the 1st female vets category.
John Peerless, Debbie James 1hr36mins42secs, Liz Davey 1hr43mins46secs.

October 13th 2001

Thanks you to everyone who contributed to an excellent turnout for the club, at our first cross country event of the season at Watford… In the ladies race we had – 38th Angela Mcloughlin 33mins44secs. And in the Mens race we had – 4th Duncan Clark 30mins38secs, 9th Phil Stephens 31mins27secs, 13th Dave Bosely 32mins4secs, 14th Trevor Hunter 32mins8secs, 45th Benji 35mins37secs, 70th John Peerless 38mins10secs, 86th Nick Martin 39mins45secs, 95th John Bradbury 40mins50secs, 114th Richard Walker 45mins43secs.
At the request of Marlow Striders, we have published the Marlow Half Marathon application form on our web site.
Click here to the enter the excellent 4th November event.

October 9th 2001

Well done to everyone that took part in our club time trial. Click here to see how you did!
Congratulations to Handy Cross Runners for confimation of being the first athletic club at the Windsor Half Marathon on the 30th September. An excellent achivement with over 5000 runners taking part. This is our 5th team prize of the year!

October 7th 2001

Well done to Rod Palmer for completing the London to Brighton run today.

October 7th 2001

Well done to all our runners that took part in the first Great Sam 10K race.
184th Debbie Ridout 49:20, 189th Mike Hickman 49:33, 341st Joanne Willock 59:55, 369th Sue Walker 66:53 and 372nd Alison Alexander 67:46.

October 7th 2001

Congratulations to Helen Murdoch, Dash Nash and Paul Jennings for completing the Marlow triathlon today. This was Helen’s first Triathlon of hopefully many? Dave completed the 1500metre Row, 15 km cycle and 8km Run in 2hrs17mins33secs and Helen completed the event in 2hrs25mins29secs.

September 30th 2001

Many congratulations to Mike Blowing for finishing the Berlin Marathon in 4 hrs38mins42secs, Ken Hemmings for completing the course and to ex-handy cross runner Becky Hawkins for completing her first marathon in the superb time of 3hrs58mins 31secs.

September 30th 2001

Also well done Des Mannion for completing the St Albans half marathon in 1hr39mins.

September 30th 2001

Well done to all our runners that completed the Windsor Half Marathon on a wet and windy day.
11th Pete Smith 1:15:50, 22nd Trevor Hunter 1:17:54, 27th Duncan Clark 1:18:37, 51st John Dooey 1:21:34, 277th Paul Palmer 1:33:18, 406th Trevor Free 1:35:57.

September 23rd 2001

Many congratulations to all our runners that completed the cabbage patch 10 mile race, especially to Debbie Ridout and Peter Edington who achieved new personal best times.
Peter Edington 1hr2mins56secs(PB), Nick Martin 1hr11mins20secs, Mike Hickman 1hr11mins23secs, Debbie Ridout 1hr18mins21secs(PB).

September 23rd 2001

Well done to our following runners that took part in the Amersham 5 today.
Clive Girling 40mins23secs, Peter Astelles 41mins40secs, Pat Carter 47mins3secs, Joanne Willock 48mins40secs, Katie Palmer 48mins42secs, Rose Priest 53mins8secs, Sue Walker & Alison Alexander 54mins59secs.

September 16th 2001

Congratulations to Paul Palmer for completing the great north run in 1hr34mins3secs and Alison Alexander for finishing the race in 2hrs25mins.

September 2nd 2001

A big well done to all our ladies that took part in the Flora Lite challenge, including Margaret Moody, Rose Priest, Pat Carter, Jo Willock, Sue Walker and Ann

September 2nd 2001

Congratulations to our ladies ridgeway relay team for retaining their title, and also to our men’s team that put in another top performance.

August 26th 2001

Pete Smith and John Dooey fought against 38 degree heat in Belgium today to complete the Descente De La Lesse off road half marathon. Pete Smith 23rd 1hr25mins17secs, John Dooey 47th 1hr28mins51secs

August 22nd 2001

Congratulations to Helen Murdoch for winning the Gerry Grosse Trophy by knocking 2 minutes of her predicted 5K time and to Paul Palmer for being the winner of the Male category with the group plaque going to Kimberley Ridout. The winner of a bottle of wine for biggest deficit on their handicap was Trevor Free, and Winner of a bottle of wine for coming closest to her handicap time (within one second) was Dawn Segrue.

August 19th 2001

Also a big well done to everyone that took part in the The Jog Shop 20, Brighton in wet and windy conditions… 53rd Peter Edington 2:55:11, 100th Rod Palmer 3:08:52,163rd Stephan Naunko 3:26:54,198th Debbie Ridout 3:36:49, 199th Mike Hickman 3:36:49,221st Clive Girling 3:49:03

August 19th 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Burnham Beeches Half Marathon, braving very wet conditions… 102nd Trevor Free 1:31:07, 142nd Paul Palmer 1:33:51, 218th Des Mannion 1:38:39, 221st Adam Koffler 1:38:43, 226th Paul Jennings 1:38:51, 265th Antony Crockett 1:41:40, 335th Alan Songhurst 1:44:57.

August 12th 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that took place in the Bearbrook 10K today inspite of the rain.
9th Trevor Hunter(PB) 0:34:44 , 81st Kenneth Hemmings 0:41:01, 139th Paul Jennings (PB) 0:43:57, 170th Geoff Medlicott 0:45:20, 189th Michael Hickman 0:46:26, 221st Terry Eves 0:48:59, 227th Deborah Ridout 0:49:31, 289th David Nash 0:53:57, 316th Mike Blowing 1:00:16. Full results can be found on the Bearbrook Joggers Web site.

July 29th 2001

Congratulations to Paul Jennings and Paul Palmer for completing the Concorde triathlon today in fine conditions and 30 degrees heat.
This triathlon consisted of a Swim of 400metres, a Cycle of 20kms and a 5Km run.
Paul Jennings – 96th – 8:46, 43:55, 22:28 (Overall 75:09)
Paul Palmer (First Triathlon) – 140th – 9:01, 47:37, 22:14 (Overall 78:52).

July 17th 2001

Well done to all the runners that took part in the Marlow 5K and thanks to all the Marlow Striders that set up and marshaled the course inspite of the cold wet conditions.
2nd Trevor Hunter 16.49(PB), 5th Phil Stephens 17.55, 8th Peter Edington 18.23, 15th Paul Palmer 19.27, 19th Nick Martin 19.40, 36th Geoff Medlicott 20.49, 38th Mark Hermson 21.01, 46th Martin Dean 21.38, 54th Margaret Moody 22.07, 57th Alan Songhurst 22.27, 61st Ron Corbett 22.46, 64th Mike Hickman 22.51, 67th Mike Blowing 23.01, 71st Ricahrd Walker 23:07, 73rd Liz Davey 23.09, 74th Debbie Ridout 23.09, 77th Clive Girling 23.31, 84th Peter Astles 24.28, 86th Evie Deeley 24.30, 88th Gerry Grosse 24.53, 90th Dave Nash 24.57, 97th Susan Fenn 25.17, 98th Julian Allison 25.20, 101st Keith Hicks 25.39, 106th Mike Lambert 25.57, 113th Alex Johnson 26.51, 114th Brian Sinclair 27.10, 118th Vernon Martin 27.47, 119th Margueritte Murphy 27.48, 120th Andy Losty 27.48, 129th Rose Astley 29.06, 131st Paula Parkin 29.33, 133rd Alison Alexander 29.58, 134th Sue Walker 29.59, 135th Ben Hutchinson 30.15, 136th Lee Hutchinson 30.15, 140th Kim Ridout 30.49, 141st Katy Palmer 30.53, 142nd Ann Hey 31.57.

July 15th 2001

Many congratulations to everyone that took part in the Wycombe Half Marathon.
Well done to Derek Brown for winning the mens race in 1hr13min49secs and to Jude Craft for winning the ladies race in 1hr21mins48secs.
4th 01:16:59 PETER SMITH, 6th 01:17:33 TREVOR HUNTER, 10th 01:18:41 PHILIP STEPHENS, 164th 01:34:40 ALFRED BENJAMIN, 210th 01:37:19 PAUL PALMER, 243rd 01:38:37 ANTONY CROCKETT, 388th 01:44:09 JAMES BATEMAN, 389th 01:44:11 ALAN SONGHURST, 424th 01:45:38 MICHAEL HICKMAN, 431st 01:45:58 MARGARET MOODY, 464th 01:47:25 GEOFF MEDLICOTT, 522nd 01:49:27 TERENCE EVES, 527th 01:49:44 SUZANNE NEALE, 635th 01:54:50 ELLEN HAYNES, 644th 01:55:18 JOSEPHINE PAYNE, 663rd 01:56:07 MICHAEL BRATBY, 708th 01:58:06 RICHARD WALKER, 1007th 02:20:03 VIVIEN WHITE
Also Many thanks to all the Handy Cross Runners that worked throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday to organise the event and cheer everyone on.

July 8th 2001

Well done to the following runners that took part in the Princes Risborough 10K – John Peerless 38.12, Pete Edington 38.32, Trevor Free 40.07, Nick Martin 42.57, Tony Crockett 43.30, Geoff Medlicott 44.40, Martin Dean 45.08, Mike Hickman 46.25, Shaun Bryant 48.27, Liz Davey 48.32, Richard Walker 48.54, Debbie Ridout 48.55, Steve Lynch 49.50, Dave Nash 52.15, Kevin Duffy 52.30, Martyn Franzese 53.30, Clive Girling 55.15, Brian Sinclair 59.30, Pam Hill 58.50, Sue Walker & Alison Alexander 73mins.

July 3rd 2001

Well done to all our runners that did the Datchet5K today, including Phil Stephens who picked up another 3rd place.
3rd Phil Stephens 17.42, 14th John Peerless 18.57, 15th Alfred Benjamin 19.13, 25th Trevor Free 19.51, 34th Jock McLean 20.26, 42nd Paul Palmer 20.46, 49th Des Mannion 21.13, 61st Chris Edington 21.51, 69th Geoff Medlicott 22.13, 95th Martin Dean 23.11, 103rd Liz Davey 23.29, 109th Darren Buckle 23.57, 110th Michael Bratby 24.05, 113th Angela McLoughlin 24.13, 114th Craig Bligh 24.23, 125th Richard Walker 24.59, 126th Shaun Bryant 24.59, 131st Andy Scott(G) 25.33, 132nd Susan Fenn (G) 25.38, 133rd Peter Astles 25.40, 137th Mike Blowing 25.51, 138th Dave Nash 24.51, 142nd Russell Fenn (G) 26.06, 145th Maureen Edington 26.14, 154th Chris Joyce 27.26, 157th Keith Hicks 27.51, 163rd Vernon Martin 28.37, 164th Shelia Crouch 28.41, 176th Alex Johnson 29.29, 179th Brian Sinclair 30.06, 181st Barbara Crandon 30.18, 182nd Hannah McGrath 30.27, 184th Andy Losty 30.40, 185th Marguerite Murphy 30.40, 186th Duncan Kennerson 30.43, 189th Pam Hill 31.16, 195th Paula Parkin 32.10, 204th Sue Walker 33.41, 205th Alison Alexander 33.54, 206th Sue Cordery 34.27, 207th Rose Priest 34.36, 209th Kim Ridout 34.58, 211th Debbie Ridout 35.03

June 30th 2001

Congratulations to Trevor Hunter, John Dooey and Peter Edington for completing the tough Bourton 15 Mile road road.
Trevor Hunter 7th 1hr29mins23secs, John Dooey 17th 1hr35mins42secs, Peter Edington 41st 1hr42mins15secs.

June 24th 2001

Many congratulations to Paul Jennings for completing the Weymouth Half Iron Man Triathlon, in very hot conditions on a enjoyable event well organised by Concept Sport.
His times were 1 1/4 mile Swim 46 mins, 54 Mile Cycle 3hrs 7mins and 13.1 Mile Run 1hr55mins. (Total 5hrs50mins58secs 239th out of ~350 starters).

June 20th 2001

Well done to Pete Smith for continuing his Winning Streak in the 5K series at Maidenhead. Also many congratulations to Phil Stephens who put an excellent run in to finish in 3rd place.
1st Pete Smith 16:36, 3rd Phil Stephens 17:13, 10th Peter Edington 17:51, 15th Alfred Benjamin 18:17, 21st John Peerless 19:03, 22nd Trevor Free 19:05, 27th Dave Leighton 19:23, 37th Nick Martin 19:52, 40th Jock McLean 20:09, 43rd Paul Palmer 20:19, 48th Des Mannion 20:31, 49th Geoff Medlicott 20:52, 50th Tony Crockett 20:56, 52nd Richard Bridger 21:03, 54th Mark Hermson 21:07, 56th Paul Jennings 21:12, 61st Chris Edington 21:33, 69th Alan Songhurst 21:49, 71st Margaret Moody 21:56, 78th John Bradbury 22:10, 85th Sue Neale 22:33, 87th Mike Hickman 22:40, 89th Liz Davey 22:42, 114th Richard Walker 23:54, 116th Ron Corbett 23:57, 117th Angela McLoughlin 24:01, 122nd Craig Bligh 24:23, 123rd Andy Scott(G) 24:24, 127th Julian Allison 24:46, 131st Maureen Edington 25:01, 136th Alex Thomason 25:18, 137th Dave Nash 25:19, 138th Susan Fenn (G) 25:20, 144th Peter Astles 25:35, 148th Julie Welch 25:45, 152nd Evie Deeley 25:54, 163rd Keith Hicks 26:20, 166th Russell Fenn (G) 26:25, 171st Hannah McGrath 26:50, 177th Katy Palmer (G) 27:18, 178th Rod Palmer 27:19, 179th Margueritte Murphy 27:29, 180th Andy Losty 27:30, 192nd Barbara Crandon 28:22, 221st Paula Parkin 31:25, 223rd Alison Alexander 31:50, 229th Sue Cordery 32:27, 232nd Ann Hey 33:30.

June 16th 2001

Congratulations to Handy Cross Runners for winning the Penn &Tylers Green 7 Mile team prize. The following runners all did their bit for the team…
3rd Pete Smith 39:17, 4th Trevor Hunter 39:40, 7th Phil Stephens 41:20, 9th John Dooey 41:56, 13th Peter Edington 43:44, Benjie 45:28, Trevor Free 46:09, Dave Leighton 46:47, Nick Martin 48:28, Rod MaClean 48:30, Geoff Medlicott 50:39, Des Mannion 51:30, Martin Dean 51:52, John Bradbury 52:06, Margaret Moody 53:00, Mike Hickman 53:30, Adam Koffler 53:53, Sue Neale 55:00, Liz Davey 55:22, Alan Songhurst 56:30, Richard Walker 57:35, Ellen Haynes 57:52, Dave Nash 61mins, Alex Thomason 64mins, Sylvia Pearson 65mins, Alex Johnson 68mins, Alison Alexander 75 mins, Sue Walker 78mins.

June 9th 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that took part in the Wargrave 10K today including –
Rod Maclean 90th 41mins16secs, Mike Hickman 199th 46mins, Maragret Moody 205th 46mins17secs, Liz Davey 268th 48mins32secs, Debbie Ridout 299th 49mins32secs, Dave Nash 378th 52mins30secs.

June 5th 2001

Thank you to everyone for staging another very successul 5K on the Rye today.
Also well done to Pete Smith for claiming another win, Trevor Hunter for claiming second place, Phil Stephens for finishing fourth and John Dooey for finishing in fifth place. The rest of the team also did really well…
Pete Smith 1st 16.35, Trevor Hunter 2nd 17.02, Phil Stephens 4th 17.37, John Dooey 5th 17.41, Alfred Benjamin 17th 18.59, Sally White 21st 19.11, John Peerless 25th 19.27, Dave Leighton 28th 19.38, Rod Palmer 41st 20.25, Paul Jennings 49th 20.47, Mark Hermson 51st 20.55, Steve Allister 52nd 20.56 , Geoff Medlicott 58th 21.19, Richard Bridger 62nd 21.34, Tony Crockett 63rd 21.38, Andrew Cooper 67th 21.49, Dave Woolley 70th 21.52, Alan Songhurst 74th 22.00, James Bateman 75th 22.00, Jason Croucher 82nd 22.12, Martin Dean 89th 22.22, Chris Edington 90th 22.23, John Bradbury 98th 22.43, Sue Neale 102nd 22.49, Penny Fisher 108th 23.07, Clive Girling 113th 23.16, Andy Scott 115th 23.19, Ron Corbett 122nd 23.35, Darren Buckle 134th 23.49, Jo Payne 127th 23.53, Jullian Allison 128th 24.10, Andrea McLoughlin 130th 24.22, Kevin Crummack 131st 24.27, Phil Hutchby 140th 25.07, Dave Brown 146th 25.16, Dave Nash 147th 25.19, Maureen Edington 155th 25.55, Shelia Crouch 156th 25.59, Gail Barstow 159th 26.08, Niall Redmond 162nd 26.29, Richard Edmonds 163rd 26.30, Susan Fenn 168th 26.54, Russell Fenn 177th 27.45, Barbara Crandon 184th 28.33, Andy Losty 185th 28.37, Marguerite Murphy 186th 28.37, Rebekah Gemmel 192nd29.11, Eriko Tanimoto 193rd 29.11, Helen Murdoch 195th 29.22, Katy Palmer 207th 30.08, Gerry Lancaster 208th30.22, Kay Waddell 209th 30.22, Paula Parkin 210th 30.22, Duncan Kennerson 211th 30.33, Tony Taylor 216th 32.19, Sue Cordery 222nd 33.01, Paul Gloyens 229th 34.19, Liz Gloyens 230th 34.19, Bill Nobbs 231th 34.40. Full results can be found on
Dave Waterman’s 5K Web site…

May 29th 2001

Congratulations to Pete Smith for winning the Burnham Beeches 5K and to all the rest of our runners who did really well! We managed to get 5 runners in the first 7 places!
Pete Smith 1st 16.30, Trevor Hunter 3rd 17.03, Phil Stephens 5th 17.40, John Dooey 6th 17.41, James Peerless(G) 7th 17.50, Alfred Benjamin 24th 19.13, Sally White 25th 19.17, Trevor Free 29th 19.28, John Peerless 34th 19.42, Dave Leighton 37th 19.51, Jock McLean 38th 20.00, Nick Martin 46th 20.44, Des Mannion 58th 21.25, Mark Hermson 64th 21.52, Dave Wooley(G) 81st 22.22, Martin Dean 82nd 22.25, Alan Songhurst 86th 22.43, Mike Blowing 88th 22.47, Liz Davey 93rd 22.53, John Bradbury 96th 23.10, Keith Carmichael 101st 23.16, Chris Edington 103rd 23.19, Mike Hickman 108th 23.33, Ron Corbett 109th 23.37, Sue Neale 111st 23.39, Debbie Ridout 114th 23.51, Jason Croucher(G) 115th 23.54, Russell Vowles 119th 24.06, Angela McLoughlin 122nd 24.15, Andy Scott(G) 129th 24.42, Sain Watkins 131st 24.47, Jo Payne 136th 25.08, Gerry Grosse 137th 25.14, Stephan Naunko 139th 25.20, Julian Allison 142nd 25.31, Phil Hutchby 143rd 25.39, Dave Nash 146th 25.49, Craig Bligh 147th 25.53, Colin Higgs 148th 25.53, Maureen Edington 15th 26.20, Shelia Crouch 164th 27.27, Julie Welch 168th 27.33, Andy Losty 172nd 28.02, Marguerite Murphy 173rd 28.02, Vernon Martin 182th 28.44, Brian Sinclair 187th 29.17, Alex Johnson 195th 29.40, Hannah McGrath 196th 30.00, Helen Murdoch 198th 30.11, Duncan Kennerson 204th 32.10, Alison Alexander 205th 32.49, Rose Priest 206th 32.49, Gerry Lancaster 207th 33.16, Shirley Montigue 208th 33.33, Carol Chapman(G) 209th 33.34

May 20th 2001

Well done to John Bradbury for winning the Barnet Trophy 5 mile handicap race. Full results can be found here -> RESULTS

May 16th 2001

Well done to all our runners that took partin the Wargrave 5K today including –
Trevor Hunter 3rd 17min14secs, Brad Thompson 5th 17mins33secs, Phil Stevens 14th 18mins15secs, Thomas Crouch 15th 18mins17secs, Peter Edington 16th 18mins17secs, Benji 25th 18mins56secs, Sally White 29th (1st Lady) 19mins4secs, Trevor Free 39th 19mins33secs, Dave Leigthon 41st 19mins35secs, John Peerless 43rd 19mins40secs, Jock Mclean 58th 20mins39secs, Des Mannion 62nd 20mins48secs, Nick Martin 64th 20mins55secs, Geoff Medlicott 67th 21mins7secs, Paul Jennings 68th 21mins9secs, Mark Hermson 69th 21mins15secs, Margaret Moody 75th 21mins44secs, Alan Songhurst 87th 22mins22secs, Mike Blowing 92nd 22mins23secs, John Beadbury 93rd 22mins35secs, Liz Davey 107th 23mins12secs, Chad Edington 109th 23mins21secs, Clive Girling 110th 23mins22secs, Richard Walker 114th 23mins27secs, Staphan Naunko 118th 23mins43secs, Mike Hickman 119th 23mins44secs, Debbie Ridout 128th 24mins6secs, Darren Buckle 134th 24mins16secs, Gerry Grosse 136th 24mins30secs, Angela McLoughlin 143rd 24mins41secs, Peter Astles 146th 24mins59secs, Julian Allison 149th 24mins4secs, Dave Nash 150th 25mins14secs, Colin Higgs 156th 24mins32secs, Russell Vowley 161st 25mins52secs, Maureen Edington 164th 25mins56secs, Andy Costy 172nd 26mins 44secs, Keith Hicks 174th 26mins47secs, Alex Thomason 175th 26mins56secs, Shelia Crouch 181st 27mins10secs, Bob Carter 193rd 28mins14secs, Claire Carter 194th 28mins14secs, Hannah McGraph 195th 28mins14secs, Barbara Crandon 200th 28mins41secs, Vernon Martin 213th 29mins39secs, Paulra Parkin 220th 30mins5secs, Helen Murdoch 221st 30mins6secs, Alex Johnson 228th 30mins42secs, Sue Walker 233rd 30mins56secs, Margueritte Murphy 236th 31mins52secs.


Please note that the date for the Handy Cross5K is now 5th June and the date for the Marlow5K event is 17th July.

May 15th 2001

Well done to all our runners that completed the Silverstone 10K especially to Debbie Ridout who knocked a huge chunk of her personal best time.
Nick Martin 42mins46secs, Mike Hickman 47mins4secs, Debbie Ridout 48mins50secs(PB) – First time under 50mins!

May 13th 2001

A big thanks to all our members that helped organise and marshall the Marlow5 event.
And well done to Mike Simpson for winning the race, closely followed by first lady Hayley Yelling. Also well done to Handy Cross Runners for winning the first athletic club prize and the Oasis gym for winning the first social club prize.
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May 12th 2001

Congratulations to Margaret Moody for completing the 3000Mtrs in the Bucks championships in a time of 12mins30secs.
Well done to all our runners who took part in the Pednor5 today. Especially to Margaret Moody for achieving a new personal best time.
Clive Girling 92nd 40mins10secs , Mike Blowing 100th 41mins39secs, Gerry Grosse 102nd 41mins44secs, Dave Nash 103rd 41mins45secs.
Margaret Moody 13th 36mins20secs(PB), Liz Davey 16th 39mins26secs, Debbie Ridout 18th 40mins26secs, Sue Walker 30th 51mins52secs, Rose Priest 31st 51mins52secs.
For full results see the
Chiltern Harriers web site.

April 22nd 2001

Congratulations to all our runners that completed the London Marathon especially to Emma Taylor for running the distance for the first time and to Trevor Free for achieving yet another personal best time.
Pete Smith(195th 2hrs4152secs), John Dooey(401st 2hrs50mins6secs), Trevor Free(2318th 3hrs17mins39secs), Rod Palmer(3298th 3hrs26mins38secs), Jock Maclean(5414th 3hrs41mins11secs), Nick Martin(8219th 3hrs57mins9secs), Mike Blowing(13385th 4hrs25mins5secs), Pat Carter(2212th 4hrs27mins44secs), Emma Taylor(3634th 4hrs55mins1sec )

April 8th 2001

Cngratulations to all our runners that completed the Paris Marathon today especially to Peter Edington and Debbie Ridout for both achieving new P.Bs. Peter Edington (3618th 3hrs16mins12secs), Nick Martin (14174th 4hrs5mins37secs), Martin Dean (14224th 4hrs6mins12secs), Mike Hickman (14857th 4hrs9mins31secs), Debbie Ridout (14858th 4hrs9mins31secs).

March 18th 2001

Congratulations to Diana Milroy for achieving a new P.B at the Bath Half Marathon in a time of 1hr53mins.

March 4th 2001

A big well done to Des Manion for completing the Camberely Half Marathon in a time of 1hr35mins37secs. The best time he’s had for a couple of years.
Also well done to Trevor Hunter who completed his first Biathlon in 14th place at the Fila Mudman at Bracknell.

February 17th 2001

Congratulations to Dave Bosley for finshing 3rd in the Chiltern League, Banbury Cross Country and being the 1st senior runner in the complete series.
Also good runs by Trevor Hunter (7th-7th in series), John Dooey (18th-3rd Vet in series), Mike Hickman, Richard Walker and Penny Fisher in her first cross country for us.

February 11th 2001

Congratulations to everybody that took part in the Workingham Half Marathon today on a Wet and Windy day.
A special well done to John Dooey for being first for the club in a time of 1hr17mins58secs and to Peter Edington with a new Personal best time of 1hr21mins46secs.

February 10th 2001

Well done to Dave Bosley for represending Bucks in the Inter County Cross Country championships in Nottingham, finishing 4th in the Bucks team.

February 4th 2001

Congratulations to everbody that took part in our tough Cross Country event in very wet conditions.
FULL RESULTS can be found here.

January 27th 2001

Congratulations to Phil Stevens on a superb run in the South of England Cross Country championships at Parliament Hill, London today to finish in 212th, also superb runs by Benji 609th, Jock Maclean 725th and Richard Walker 884th.
Hi to Bryon Heywood who has been visiting our web site whilst on Holiday in Australia. We all hope you are having a great time and want to see you back fit a healthy soon…

January 21st 2001

Congratulations to Handy Cross Runners for retaining the Highworth Half Marathon trophy!
Everyone played their part including Trevor Hunter picking up his first ever race win, knocking 90 seconds of his half marathon P.B with a time of 1hr15mins42secs, John Dooey who picked up a strong 3rd place, Peter Edington in 8th place who blew away recent times and was within only 12 seconds on his own P.B, Sally White who was our first lady home, Nick Martin with a strong comeback run, Mike Hickman with an excellent time even with a knee injury and Debbie Ridout who put her best time in for over 3 years!

January 13th 2001

Another impressive run secures 3rd place for Dave Bosley in the Berkhamsted Cross Country. Also good runs by John Dooey(13th), Phil Stevens(21st), Benji(97th), Mike Hickman(108th), Martin Dean(141st), Richard Walker(153rd), Margaret Moody(21st), Debbie Ridout, Liz Davey and Alison Ingram.

January 7th 2001

Congratulations to our brave runners that took part in the Tadley cross county in frozen conditions. Peter Edington(43rd), Nick Martin(105th), Mike Hickman(107th), Martin Dean(152nd), Debbie Ridout(190th)

January 6th 2001

Well done to the following runners that did superbly well in the Bucks Country Championships at Wing. Dave Bosley (3rd in Bucks), Trevor Hunter (13th in Bucks), John Dooey(17th in Bucks), Phil Stevens, Mike Hickman and Richard Walker