1999 Results


December 27th 1999

Many of our runners took part in the Cliveden Cross Country.
Trevor Hunter(8th 0:39:32), Peter Smith(9th 0:39:43), Harvey Lyon(67th 0:46:23), Nick Martin(97th 0:47:46), Jock Maclean(108th 0:48:28), Dave Leighton(127th 0:49:50), Mike Hickman(129th 0:50:08), David Wooley(141st 0:51:33), Martin Dean(155th 0:52:20), James Dean(159th 0:52:44), Trevor Hart(177th 0:53:58), Nicky Lyon(193rd 0:54:52), Jenny Dawes(199th 0:55:27), Debbie Rideout(225th 0:57:26), Liz Davey(230rd 0:57:44), Rob Carter(270th 1:00:53), Dave Nash(308th 1:04:34).
Full results are now available on the Burnham Joggers web site

December 19th 1999

The following Handy Cross Joggers braved frozen conditions to complete the Today’s runner Reading Cross County – Phil Stephens (8th), Peter Edington (71st), Nick Martin (90th), Margaret Moody (104th-6th Lady), Mike Hickman (115th), Martin Dean (125th)

December 5th 1999

Congratulations to John Dooey for winning his category (Vet 40) in the Luton marathon with a time of 2hrs 43 mins and congratulations to Trevor Free for completing his first marathon in a time of 3hrs 38 mins. Also an excellent run by Nick Martin with a time 3hrs 24mins (Quite amazingly this was Nick’s 7th marathon this year!).

December 4th 1999

The following men took part in the (Hard) Hardwick Cross Country today – Trevor Hunter(10th), Phil Stevens(21st), Dave Lancester, Alfred (Benjie) Benjamin, Martin Dean, Trevor Hart & Mike Hickman. And Debbie Ridout and Margaret Moody had excellent runs for the ladies team.

December 4th 1999

Pete Smith took place in the Barbados 10K today. News of how he did will be posted as soon as we hear.

November 28th 1999

Congratulations to our runners that took part in the Benedorm Half Marathon. All did very well – Alex Thomason (1hrs 43mins), Richard Stone (1hrs 52mins) and Duncan Kennerson (2hrs 10 mins).

November 28th 1999

Phil Stevens is first home for the club in the Metros Cross Country held in Ruislip Woods.

November 21st 1999

Margaret Moody, Debbie Ridout, Mike Hickman, Lesley-Ann Gurney and Sue took part in the Bucks, Berks and Oxon Cross Country in Burnham Beeches.

November 14th 1999

The following runners took part in the Datchet cross country. Alfred Benjamin(32nd), Peter Edington(72nd), Rod Mclean(107th), Mike Hickman(147th), Liz Davey(190th), Kevin Duffy(213th), Bob Carter(216th), Chris Busby(221st), Martyn Franzese(250th), Richard King(256th), Rod Palmer(263rd) and Helen Murdoch(286th).

November 7th 1999

A huge congratulations to Mike Blowing for achieving his goal of completing the New York marathon in under 4 hours! (His final time was 3hr59 and 12 seconds).

November 7th 1999

Liz Davey achieved an excellent Personal Best time at the Marlow half marathon with a time of 1hr 48 11Secs. (One of the hardest courses on the circuit).Also well done to the following club members (Especially to Margaret Moody, Debbie Ridout, Benjie & Mike Hickman who also raced at the Cross Country the day before!).

Benjie(1hr30mins), Nick Martin(1hr30mins), Trevor Free(1hr31mins), Rod Palmer(1hr32mins), Harvey Lyon & Rod McClean(1hr35mins), Des Manion(1hr39mins), Martin Dean(1hr40mins), Tony Crockett(1hr42mins), Andrew Pearson(1hr43mins), Richard Stone(1hr55mins), Vernon Martin(1hr59mins), Dave Nash(2hr11mins), Sylvia Pearson & Debbie Collier(2hr14mins), Tony Fewell(2hr20mins), Jack Sharp(2hr57mins).

November 6th 1999

Pete Smith continues his cross county winning streak in the second of the seasons Chiltern League Division2 aces at Banbury. He was followed by Trevor Hunter(7th), John Dooey(17th), Phil Stevens(20th), Alfred (Benjie) Benjamin(49th), Dave Lancester, Mike Hickman and Richard Walker (In his first Cross Country- Well done) The ladies also did a great job for the club with Margaret Moody managing a superb 8th place and Debbie Ridout also having a good run.

October 31st 1999

Pete Smith finishes 2nd in the Blenium 10K in a time of 32.07 and John Dooey finishes 9th (1st Vet 40) with a time of 35.09.

October 31st 1999

Yet again we had another good club turnout at the Great Sam Run in Bracknell.Trevor Hunter (16th – 1:19:18), Stephan Naunko (85th – 1:28:39), Trevor Free (118th – 1:30:57), Jock Maclean (132nd – 1:32:24), Mike Hickman (143rd – 1:33:10), Dave Leighton (166th – 1:34:58), Peter Edington (200th – 1:37:32), Martin Dean (233rd – 1:39:45), Mike Blowing (240th – 1:39:58), Debbie Ridout (451st – 1:52:21), Alex Thomasan (510th – 1:56:48).

October 24th 1999

A superb run by Mike Hickman in the Abington Full marathon produces yet another Personal best (Knocking 2 minutes off his previous best) with a time of 3:18:52. Nick Martin & Jock Maclean also had good runs with times of 3:27 & 3:45.

October 16th 1999

Many congratulations to Pete Smith for winning the Kingsbury Cross Country in a time of 25:42, Also a great effort by John Dooey (8th-27:23), Phil Stevens (16th-28:35), Dave Lancester (33rd-30:15), Mike Hickman (92nd-34:44) and Martin Dean (112-36:19). The Ladies also did well with Margaret Moody finishing (6th-20:02) and Debbie Ridout (29th-22:51). See our Events Page for the dates of the rest of this season’s Cross-Countries.

October 10th 1999

John Dooey finishes (3rd (2nd Vet)1hr16) in the Henley Half Marathon and Margaret Moody wins her Female Vet50 category with a time of (1hr39).Other results Trevor Hunter (6th-1hr20), Nick Martin (51st-1hr32), Mike Hickman (69th-1hr35), Mike Blowing(114th-1hr41), James Bateman(147th-1hr45), Sylvia Pearson(301st-2hr6), Debbie Collier(326th-2hr20).

October 3rd 1999

Pete Smith finishes in 10th place in the Windsor Half Marathon out of a large field of 4800 runners. His time was 74mins 37Secs in windy conditions.

October 3rd 1999

Trevor Hunter comes 5th in the Marlow Triathlon in a time of 1Hr 26 Mins. This event involved a 4KM Row a 25KM Cycle and a 7.5KM run.

October 2nd 1999

Congratulations to Margaret Moody and John Dooey who took part in a veterans selection Cross Country 10K on Wimbledon Common.John took 2nd place with a time of 35Mins 56Secs and Margaret took 1st place in the over 50’s category!

July 20th 1999

Handy Cross 5K – Pete Smith wins the Handy Cross 5K. Full results can be found on http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~spswater/TVARCdwsite.htm

July 7th 1999

John Dooey come 2nd 17m2s in the Maidenhead 5K. Other good results by Trevor Hunter 3rd 17m32s, Peter Edington 23rd 18m43s, Benji 30th 19m5s, Jovk Maclean 57th 20m21s, Mike Blowing 81st 21m36s, Mike Hickman 91st 21m59s, Liz Davey 93rd 22m2s, John Beadbury 101st 22m21s, Becky Hawkins 123rd 23m51s, Karen Williams 127th 29m4s, Gerry Grosse 139th 24m40s, Duncan Kennerson 145th 25m2s, Rat Elliott 153rd 25m48s, Sylvia Pearson 156th 26m0s, Maureen Edington 173rd 26m41s, Dave Nash 175th 26m56s, Alex Johnson 177th 27m5s, Brian Sincalir 178th 27m9s, Paula Parkin 202nd 29m20s.

June 22nd 1999

Trevor hunter comes 3rd in Datchet 5K with a time of 16m36s. Full results can be found on http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~spswater/TVARCdwsite.htm

June 5th 1999

Pete Smith comes 2nd in the Marlow 5K. Full results can be found on http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~spswater/TVARCdwsite.htm

May 25th 1999

Burnham 5K – Pete Smith wins the Burnham 5K with a time 16m16s.Other good results by Kevin Hayes 7th 17m33s, 10th Trevor Hunter17m57s, Rob McGraph 21st 18m38s, Marty Conway 30th 18m57s, Martin Prosser 32nd 19m2s, Howard Foldsmith 37th 19m13s, Trevor Free 40th 19m22s, Benji 42nd 19m28s, Anthony Prosser 46th 19m33s, Nick Dean 52nd 19m49s, Nick Martin 53rd 19m50s, Derrick Prosser 57th 20m1s, Des Mannion 58th 20m3s, Dave Leighton 61st 20m8s, Jock Maclean 69th 20m22s, Peter Prosse 74th 20m32s, Jenny Dawes 89th 20m55s, Ron Corbett 95th 21m13s, Kevin Rabett 97th 21m20s, Mike Blowing 100th 21m23s, Marrgaret Moody 21m26s, Steven Prosse 103rd 21m42s, Martin Dean 109th 22m0s, Jayne Zacharek 110th 22m0s, Carl Leighton 112th 22m4s, Trevor Hart 115th 22m8s, Peter Edington(+Baby Kate) 116th 22m11s, Phil Holt 119th 22m21s, Mike Hickman 122nd 22m42s, Liz Davey 129th 22m56s, Alex Thomson 130th 22m57s, Kevin Fuller 158th 24m14s, Chris Busby 164th 24m25s, Becky Hawkins 170th 24m42s, Dan Ayres 175th 24m55s, Gerry Grosse 176th 25m0s, Keith Hicks 178th 25m12s, Dave Nash 182nd 25m18s, Debbie Ridout 187th 25m25s, Sylvia Pearson 195th 25m51s, Duncan Kennerson 205th 25m24s, Bob Carter 208th 26m29s, Alex Johnson 210th 26m34s, Brian Sinclair 212th 26m37s, John Bradbury 216th 25m55s, Ray Elliott 217th 26m59s, Lesley Gurney 218th 26m59s, Vernon Martin 220th 27m5s, Joanne Wilock 238th 28m23s, Paula Parkin 243rd 28m40s, Russell M, 245th 28m45s, Maureen Edington 246th 28m45s, Margueritte Murray 247th 28m46s, Meg Knight 253rd 29m34s, Bill Nobbs 258th 30m18s, Eleanor Davies 264th 31m36s, Christine Turfrey 265th 31m38s, Alyson Unitt 266th 31m41s, Daniel Coope 270th 32m10s, Julie Fuller, Michelle Ayres

May 12th 1999

Pete Smith come 2nd in the Wargrave 5K in a time of 16m22s,. O ther good result byTrevor Free 29th 19m20s, Marty Conwy 20th 19m21s, Benji 36th 19m40s, Nick Martin 44th 20m04s, Dave Leighton 49th 20m13s, Nick Dean 51st 20m17s, Jock Maclean 57th 20m28s, Andy Pearson 74th 20m57s, Kevin Rabett 81st 21m22s, Margaret Moody 83rd 21m27s, Mike Blowing 85th 21m38s, Trevor Hart 96th 22m7s, Phil Holt 98th 22m9s, Mike Hickman 107th22m29s, Liz Davey 114th 22m49s, Gerry Grosse 135th 24m32s, Chris Busby 138th 24m37s, Keith Hicks 149th 25m27s, Debbie Ridout 152nd 25m39s, Dave Nash 156th 25m53s, Brian Sinclair 165th 26m14s, Dan Ayres 167th 26m19s, Vernon Martin 171st 26m38s, Ray Elliot 175th 26m47s, Alex Johnson 181st 27m8s, Paula Parkin 202nd 28m37s, Christine Turfrey 215th 30m36s, Alison Unitt 216th 30m48s.

March 14th 1999

A good club turnout for the Reading Half Marathon with the following results :- (227th)Peter Edington 01:26:09, (403rd) Trevor Free 01:30:24 (529th)Nicholas Martin 01:33:01, (569th) Terence Eves 01:33:41 (843rd)Jenny Dawes 01:38:11, (937th) Tony Crockett 01:39:24 (1611th)Philip Holt 01:47:25, (2568th) Michael Blowing 01:57:50 (2649th)Rebecca Hawkins 01:58:55, (4096th) Paula Parkin 02:28:46 (4104th) Allyson Unitt 02:29:13

February 14th 1999

Margaret Moody (92 Mins 56 Secs) and Trevor Hunter (78 Mins 52 Secs) both get personal bests in the Wokingham half marathon.

January 31st 1999

Kevin Duffy won the Barnet trophy, which was a 5 Mile handycap race for club members.

January 17th 1999

A good team effort by the Handy Cross Joggers ensured joint second place in the Highworth half marathon. Particularly by John Dooey who missed out on victory by just one second and Margaret Moody being the second lady home.