2016 Marlow 5

Many congratulations to all the runners that took part in the Marlow 5 and a big thank you to everyone that helped organise the event over the past few months.

Results are now online : http://racetimingsolutions.racetecresults.com/results.aspx?CId=16269&RId=555

For up to date information and feedback of the day, please ‘like’ our facebook page.

Photos will appear here soon, with a big thank you to Matt Fowler : (Currently being processed)


URL: “http://www.theimagefile.com/?skin=4489&Action=_VC&id=214768604&ppwd=73127nsn


And many thanks to Barry Cornelius for taking 2207 photos at today’s event the photos are free to download. If you put a photo somewhere public, please add the credit “Photo by Barry Cornelius”. (Available now)

Marlow 5 miles Handy Cross Runners Event URL: http://www.oxonraces.com/photos/2016-05-08-marlow/